“Croc Hunter” Dies

AP News reports that Steve Irwin, better known as Animal Planet’s “Croc Hunter”, was killed earlier today by a stingray while diving off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Apparently the stingray’s barb pierced Irwin in the heart. His crew tried to resuscitate him but were unsuccessful.

While at times I thought he was crazy (for playing with snakes), his enthusiasm and obvious love for what he did certainly did provide for some wonderful and clean entertainment. My prayers go out for his wife and children.

He was 44 years old.

6 responses to ““Croc Hunter” Dies

  1. I feel sorry for his family!
    I wonder if he knew the Lord ?

    my prayers go out to his family as well!

  2. I blogged about Mr. Irwin’s tragic passing as soon as I heard last night around 1-2AM. The Crocodile Hunter was a good man. I will miss his shows.

  3. What a sad event. I loved to watch him whenever he was on Jay leno’s show…or anyplace else.

    I look at someone like him and thik that if we as Christians were as enthusiastic and fervent in our witnessing as he was about his business, there would either be a lot more Christians in the world, or we would drive people away.

    I’ll miss him as well and my heart goes out to his wife and children.

  4. This made me sad too…definitley prayers for his family.

  5. eymjjea
    Yep a real Australian hero and icon has passed, so sad.

    The irony of his death is that his whole life was spent handling deadly creatures and then he was 1 of only 17 people ever recorded to be killed by a stingray.

    (A sad Aussie)

  6. oops that first gibberish is the word verification for my comment.

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