Weekend Survey

I am soooooo excited about the start of college football. There are a couple of games this weekend that I think bear watching, Notre Dame vs Georgia Tech, tomorrow, and Florida State vs Miami on Monday.

So for this week’s survey question, What is your favorite college football team and do you have any predictions for the upcoming season?

My favorite is the Florida State Seminoles. I predict they will win their conference and may even contend for the national title. Ohio State, Texas and West Virginia should be at the top as well.

Notre Dame is not going to survive the schedule they have.

Have a blessed weekend.


15 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. Oh no! Not a sports question.

    And a non-British sport as well.

    You have a blessed weekend too, Gordon.

  2. Florida State, all the way!

    will that game be on reg, TV?

    Gordon may you and your family have a great weekend ! and a safe one too!

  3. Dual loyalty: Georgia and Florida State. Fortunately they don’t have to play often. Unless they reach the championship…he…yeh, that’s my prediction. Georgia wins. 😉

  4. LOL, Matthew, I love your answer, brother. That is great!

  5. My father is gone to the Notre Dame v. Georgia Tech game; but he didn’t take me along. Oh well. 🙂

  6. Fresno state! go Bulldogs!
    so much heart in that team!

  7. Well, my son graduated from Penn State, so I cheer for the Nittany Lions. I feel a tad guilty about not being loyal to a Florida team, since I’m a native.

    Someone asked Bobby Bowden if he keeps up with Joe Paterno. He said, “I just look for his name in the obituaries.”

  8. Georgia impressed me as usual and GA TECH carried Notre Dame to school last night and TENN. looked impressive in their debut but I will wait till monday night for my favorite team [FLORIDA STATE ]TO BEAT Miami [30 to 17 ]? Janice it will be broadcast on ESPN and usually on ABC network .Hope you will get to watch !

  9. I am really impressed by the number of FSU fans that read this blog.

    It speaks well for the intellectual level of Heartburn readers. 🙂

    David, I enjoy watching Fresno play as well, they really do play hard.

    Beverly, Penn State looks like they may be ready for another good year.

    Ryan, that’s too bad that you didn’t get to go the GT game. Have you ever eaten at the Varsity? It is a really cool drive-in restaurant not far from the stadium. Fine hotdogs and hamburgers are served there.

  10. The Wolfpack.

    And don’t tell me you don’t hold your breath every time you come up to play us…because you never know. WE have upset you in the past out of the blue or should I say red and dashed hopes for that BCS. Thats what the Wolfpack likes to do.

    But hey, I really haven’t been keeping up with football like I used to. I may watch some tomorrow.

  11. Clemson Tigers!!! I bleed orange.

  12. Sorry. I have no desire to watch grown men chase a pork rind around a faux grass field…LOL!

  13. Well, let’s see, here. We have a Georgia fan here, they got their coach from FSU.

    We have a Wolfpack fan, they got their coach from FSU.

    We have a Clemson fan, their coach is the son of FSU’s coach.

    I see a trend developing.

    And Bonnie, if the truth was told, some of those men still have some growing up to do, but it is fun to watch them play. 🙂

  14. Thanks rbj,
    going to try and watch the game!

    have a great day! 🙂

    oh and you too! Gordon

  15. Well, we have a healthy antagonism for anything Notre Dame around my house…being from AL and all….so we were diefinitley rooting fo rGT..alas…all for naught….but that FSU/ Miami game…Yeah, go Seminoles!! I’m with you on your prediction. :)–>

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