Weekend Survey

This has been quite a busy week for me. Pastoring a church is kind of like watching the tide at the ocean, sometimes things are quiet for a while and then there are weeks where it all rushes in at once.

I really enjoy the ministry, though. It has its challenges, but it is a blessing to be able to see God working in the lives of the people with whom you are working.

For this weeks survey, why not tell us a little bit about your vocation and what you like about it? If you are involved in a ministry or business that has a website, feel free to provide a link. (As always we expect them to be family-friendly)

And now for some special news, today is my lovely wife’s birthday. I won’t say how many this makes, but I do wish her a very happy day and weekend. The wonderful people at Pine Park Baptist Church surprised her with a party Wednesday night after church and it was a great blessing. Those folks are really nice.

Hope you have a blessed weekend.


8 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. would a housewife be a vocation?

    and please tell your lovely wife happy birthday from me !:)

    have a great weekend !

  2. First of all, jel, I think it is one of the most noble vocations. May God bless you in your fulltime work there in the home! 🙂

    For the last year, I have had the distinct privilege of finally actually making a living as a musician. This includes a variety of activities the combine to create an interesting mix of jobs. I am an accompanist for vocal students at Appalachian State University, the musical director for the Blowing Rock Stage Company, a recording artist (soon to be available in Christian bookstores nationwide, Lord willing, if the details get worked out!), and a handful of other odds and ends musically.

    My music ministry is Worship Keys.

    What do I like about my vocation? Simple. The opportunity to touch lives and minister to people in ways that extend beyond my physical ability and location.

    Very happy, happy birthday, Mrs. Cloud! Thanks for sharing your husband with us!

    steve 🙂

  3. I guess you could call my job what you want to ! Since I am disabilty retired my activiteys is limited ! I,ve tried being a recycled teenager but I ain,t got the necessary energy , and it gets frustrating cause I can,t do all the things I am use to doing . I surely wasn,t cut out to be no housewife [like JEL] for myself since I live alone and have all the responsibilitys? But the good LORD decided to use me to tell others about him and I have found that is the best job I ever had ! I LOVE TO GO TO WALLY WORLD and to the bread store and see a lot of friends and try to lift them up out of thier depressions and anxietys ! Steve my friend I envy you because your are so active ? The times that I do get a little depressed then I depend on my good christian blogger friends and after visiting the blogs [and listening to the news] I know that I,M truly blessed ! Bro. Gordon I appreciate you too . HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. AMY ? BLESSINGS TO ALL ? RON.

  4. rjb, your vocation is an encourager

    you love to cheer people up!:)

    and I think that is the best vocation to have!

    have a great day!

  5. Gordon,
    As you know I am a pastor. I currently pastor Carr Lane Baptist Church of Carr Lane, Missouri. It is not on the map, and it is really just a cross roads where Highways 86 and 39 cross one another. Our church does have a blog it is called Wings As Eagles God has blessed my wife and I so much since we came to Carr Lane Baptist. I even believe the people have also been blessed, and they tell me so.
    I am also a School bus driver during the school year. There is blessing in being around those kids and hopefully helping them come to know the Lord Jesus.
    Happy Birthday Mrs. Cloud, and may you be blessed with many more.

  6. The right link for Wings As Eagles
    Sorry about that.

  7. Presently, I am a PCP, Personal Care Provider for the elderly. I visit their homes and provide services such as cooking, cleaning,shopping,laundry,assistingwith bathing and so very much more. Many patients have memory loss (dimentia), some have suffered the long term effects of brain injuries, heart attacks, arthritis…..Companionship is a huge part of the visit.

    The reward that is greater than “doing” is in “giving”….and because I know Jesus lives in my heart, I am able to give away a piece of Him each time I pay a visit….I give them love.

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Cloud…

  8. I hope Mrs. Cloud had a wonderful birthday!

    My work is nothing but it has allowed me to witness God working in the fringes of society, from those who are near hermits to the most isolated of all, scientist.

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