The Effects of Light

In the last post on I John, we looked at the essence of light. In the comments, Beverly mentioned one of the benefits of light. I would like to explore that a little further. As we look at these effects of light, I hope you will see the parallel between what light produces and what God produces in our life through His light.

Light Gives Illumination
I know this is the obvious effect of light, but bear with me while I elaborate a little. Illumination reveals, identifies and clarifies. There are times in life when it is unsafe, if not virtually impossible, to move without light. So also is the light of God. He reveals truth in the person of Christ as shown in the Bible. As we learn of Him, it enables us to identify truth and error. In fact, a very strong correlation is drawn in Scripture between truth and light. Knowledge of Christ also helps us to clarify what we believe. So often we compound doctrine unnecessarily by failing to keep Christ as the centerpiece and foundation of our faith. Focusing on Christ brings a measure of clarity to the confusion of life.

Light Brings Security
If light brings clarity, darkness brings uncertainty. This can be intimidating and even frightening. God’s truth makes us secure and confident. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” In the darkest hours of life, let us look for God’s light.

Light Yields Definition
Light is often used to define a path, runway, road or other avenue of traffic. David said, “Thy word is a light unto my feet and a light unto my path.” As we will see in the next post in this series, our koinonia is defined by light. If we are going to walk with Jesus, we must walk in the light. Consider your Bible as God’s lighthouse of truth for your lifepath. Follow the light and God will give you more light. Stray from the light and you will find yourself in moral darkness.

Is your life being lived in the light?


6 responses to “The Effects of Light

  1. Today I had the experience of going to a funeral in a town that was darkened by a massive cloud of volcano ashes that descended over a large part of the country (Ecuador) this morning from the erupting Tungurahua. Everything was dark and very dusty with the falling ash making it difficult to breathe. To me the whole day symbolized the spiritual state of the people who live this way day in and day out. Jesus sent us into the world to be the “light.” At the funeral we shared the Gospel with people who have no idea that Jesus is the Light of the World. Their ashen faces reflected the ashes on the ground. Will you pause a minute and pray for the people of Ecuador (especially those in the area of this erupting volcano?)

  2. Guy, thanks so much for sharing this. Be assured that you and the people of Ecuador are in my prayers.

  3. Gordon , another great post!

    there is something I never thought of but this these posts brought to mind, in the winter time when the sun don’t shine for say a week at a time, a person get depress and they start to get sick, but as soon as the sun comes back, and they soak up the sun they start to feel move alive, just as we feel alive when we stand in and soak up God’s light!!!! 🙂

    have a great day!

  4. What about the whole idea of light burning and melting or making hard substances that are made hard when they come in contact with the light??


  5. Janice, good point.

    Adam, that’s a pretty astute observation.

  6. Hey Gordon,

    the fishing is good there, 🙂

    and you and the boys are welcome any time! your wife too! 🙂

    have a blessing of a weekend!

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