Edifying Blogs

I wanted to take a quick detour, today, from the I John series and write about something that I feel is important.

Yesterday, Ken Fields posted a great article on blogging in a way that is edifying to readers. In his article, he discussed the approach of writing posts that were intended to build up the faith of readers as opposed to intentionally posting on controversial topics just for the purpose of drawing hits on your sitemeter.

Now I am not completely naive. I understand that any topic is potentially controversial. As I often tell my congregation, “Where two Baptists are gathered together there will be three opinions.” But it is nice to know that there are some blogs that are edifying to me. Some of these blogs are devotional in nature, some are sermons, some have the ability to handle potentially controversial topics without allowing acrimony and vitriolic debate to hijack the conversation.

Let me share a few of these with you.

Bonnie Calhoun always encourages through the gift of laughter. Another lady who is willing to be transparent as to how God is working in her life is Dionna Sanchez. If you want some good, common sense stuff that is amazingly on point yet done graciously (unless you are a terrorist), check out Joe’s Jottings. If you want to read the insights of a woman who is raising a beautiful family in a godly way, check out Lisa’s blog. Windows to My Soul is the blog of Vicki who writes wonderful devotional posts. I always get a lift by the friendliness of Jeff Morris’ (aka as Danny Kaye) blog as well. Check out Maegan’s blog (this is Lisa’s daughter) to see a young person who really loves God.

There are a few blogs I visit that have the ability to tackle topics that may be controversial, but they do so with a spirit of Christian gentleness. Some of these are Rose’s Reasonings, Theological Musings, and Godward Thoughts. KC does a wonderful job of this and then there is the aforementioned, World From Our Window.

There are some pastors and teachers as well who are a great blessing to me. My brother’s blog is always a blessing (except when he is making fun of me). T.A. Blankenship, Garry Weaver and Steve Weaver always have excellent “soul food” as well. Ray Van Neste always challenges pastors in a good way to be better at what they do for God. My dad doesn’t blog often, but when he does it will bless you.

If you are looking for a nice friendly place to hang out, talk sports and current events, and just generally have some fun from a Christian perspective, visit Tim Ellsworth’s place or Bro. Tony’s blog.

As I think about it, maybe this isn’t such a big detour from I John after all. I have really been blessed by all of these blogs and the people who run them.

Can anyone say “cyber-koinonia“?

15 responses to “Edifying Blogs

  1. I haven’t dropped by here in some time.

    I see a lot of familiar names on the blog list you have in this post.

    And I am looking forward to dropping in on the ones that are unfamiliar.

    I’m not sure what category my blog falls under. I just write what I feel like and don’t worry too much about who is reading.

    I like to experiment with it a bit… try new slants on things.

    Well.. I think I’ll go check out some of those links now.


  2. Check out Ryan’s blog to see gratuitous self-promotion. πŸ˜‰

  3. Rose’s Reasonings is my favorite blog.

  4. CS and Ryan. Both of you have nice blogs. I have visited from time to time and will do more.

    Matthew, I agree with you that Rose’s blog is a good one. I should have included you and your blog in this list. You have a way of stating your belief without turning it into something personal or vindictive. The grace of God is seen in you, brother.

  5. Ken’s article really begs the question:

    Why are we blogging, to bring glory to ourselves, or to bring glory to God?

    I know in the 6 months or so I have been blogging I’ve had to ask myself that question more than once, and reassess my motives a few times aswell if found in favour of the former option.


  6. MDM, I think you have really gotten to the heart of the matter with that comment.

  7. MDM’s comment really does get right to the heart of it.

    Thanks for the link, Gordon. As if you haven’t already sent enough traffic to my blog to make me rename it “Gordon Cloud presents Steve Sensenig’s Theological Musings” πŸ˜‰ hehe

    love ya, brother!
    steve πŸ™‚

  8. OMW…can you feel the LOVE?

    It’s like getting a case of the warm fuzzies in here…

    Oh, wait a minute? Am I making fun again? Sorry. I’ll be nice now and say thanks for the link. (It apparently hasn’t sent me the traffic that Steve gets, but that could just be me!) πŸ™‚

  9. It probably is, Cameron.

  10. Thanks for the plug, Gordon.

  11. You’re welcome, Tim.

  12. Ah, my friend–what a delight you are. Looking forward to perusing these other blogs although I recognize some of the names. Always looking for uplifting blogs to encourage my faith.

    Bless you!

  13. Mr. Cloud,

    Thanks for the list of links. I have followed several of them and have come across some really good blogs. I am new to the blogging community, having recently started my own blog. I appreciate your blog, seeing as how I am a fellow pastor. It helps to see other pastors using blogging to teach God’s Word.


  14. Preacher, thanks for the list and the kind words. Your presence in the blosphere is a special blessing to me. πŸ˜‰

  15. Thanks, Gordon, for the plug and encouraging words.

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