The Essence of Light

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. I John 1:5

God is light. This is one of the most revealing statements about God in all the Bible. It goes beyond saying what God does and focuses upon what He is.It is interesting to think that the very first thing God created was light. He spoke and the stamp of His glory was indelibly placed upon the cosmos. His word is an extension of His nature. The more we immerse ourselves in His word, the more light we will have in our lives.

When we think about the physical qualities of light, we can see some wonderful parallels with the nature of God. The first of these is that light is unchanging in its nature. In its fundamental nature, it cannot be altered. God also is unchanging.Light can neither be defiled nor contaminated. As light shines through transparent objects, the only effect they may have on light is to limit its brightness by their own defilement or opaqueness, but they cannot contaminate the essence of the light. As believers, we are to let God shine through our lives. The only things that hinder that light are either contamination of sin in our life which dims the light, or unbelief that blocks it altogether. The more transparent (clean) we are, the more of God’s light will be seen through us.

Light is only visible when it interacts with matter. As light touches various objects, their pigmentation causes us to see the effects of the light. While we cannot see God in His spirit nature, we can certainly see why John described Jesus as the Light. Through the Word of God, we can see the results of God interacting with man. With John, we can say, “We beheld His glory.”

Light can be experienced through three qualities:

Luminiferous–Seen but not felt
Calorific–Felt but not seen
Actinic–Felt and seen

We can see how this compares with each member of the Godhead:

God the Father–Seen but not felt
God the Spirit–Felt but not seen
God the Son–Felt and seen

Colossians 2:9 tells us that God has invested the fullness of the Godhead in the person of Jesus Christ. For those who might have doubted the divinity of Christ, John is saying, “Jesus is the light of God. He is real, I have both felt and seen Him. Believe!”

Not only is God light, but there is no darkness in Him at all. This darkness refers to moral or spiritual darkness. God is completely light. He is holy perfection. There is no capacity for moral corruption in God. This means that Jesus could not have sinned. Because God is sinless, everything He does is just.

Have you experienced God’s light?


14 responses to “The Essence of Light

  1. I love that light can only be seen as it interacts with matter. I love seeing Him radiating off His people…the fullness of the Godhead dwelling in them bodily.

  2. I like that aspect of light as well, JG. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sometimes I tend to make undertanding God harder than it seems. Not to say that it’s easy to discover everything about him, that will never happen. But thinking of God as being light really opens the door on our level of understanding. Thanks for shedding your light on this revelation. It helps me to know and think about our awesome Creator in a new way.

  4. I’ve been thinking about this post during the day. As one ages (who, me?) light is such a help when one tries to read. I was with a group practicing some music tonight, and when I moved under a light, wow, I could actually see the music.

    The light makes things so much clearer, as His light does.

  5. Katie, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. Feel free to come back any time.

    Beverly, light has several positive effects in our life as I will discuss in the next post in this series.

    God bless.

  6. great post Gordon!

    I Love the qualities of light you explained and the relation to God.

    It is also interesting that darkness does not exist on its own, but rather is the absence of light.

    Does this suggest that Evil and Sin, which is often refered to as darkness, do not exist on their own either, but are simply an absence of God?

  7. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have experienced God’s light. But thanks for asking.

    BTW, Great post.

  8. Gordon,
    Thanks for the “Light” info. I had never done a study of that. That is really great stuff.

  9. I loved the comparison fo threes between light and God’s three persons.

    Good stuff!

  10. MDM, I think it is fair to say that where God is absent, sin or darkness is surely present.

    Garry, glad you have the light brother. Always good to see you around.

    TA, it is really fascinating to me to see the parallels.

    Joe, that part really excited me, too.

  11. Gordon,
    While many religions refer to light as something sensational. We know True light is the Lord and from the Lord. Alot of people claim to see light in the time of near death. However, we need to remember the devil is the angel of light. A false representation of real Truth.

  12. The Lord is a billion watts of light shining though this old world for people to see , if only they would take their shades off !!!!!!!

  13. A professor once pointed out that the mathematical formula for the second law of thermodynamics (entrophy, Murphys Law, law of sin and death)is a variation of the formula for light. We know the that God’s perfect creation didn’t/wouldn’t/couldn’t hold up under the curse of sin. Your excellent post further expounds why.

  14. Good points, Daddy and Janice.

    Ros, that is interesting. I hadn’t come across that in my research. Thanks for sharing.

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