Weekend Survey

It’s hard to believe that it’s Friday already. This week we are going to take a new route on the survey.

Let’s call it Prayer and Praise. If you have a burden or prayer request, please feel free to share it with the rest of us. You can give as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable giving. I only ask that you say a prayer for at least one of the other requests given, and that you also leave an offering of praise to God.

Here are mine:

Request: Please pray for my family and me as we begin the homeschooling year today. Pray that we will have a profitable year.

Praise: Thank God that we have the opportunity to provide this for our boys.

I hope that your weekend is truly blessed of God.


10 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. Prayer:
    I have just found out that a large event, which is supposed to occur in about a month and a half, and which someone else was supposed to be in charge of, has just been given to me. So far, nothing has been done…no location, no attendance count, no nothing…

    Please pray that I will put my trust in God. I am usually one to just take the ball and run with it. But I tend to neglect God’s direction and intrvention. (yeah…I know…“DK’s a SINNER!!!)

    Praise God I can put my full trust in Him and that He will ALWAYS come through, even if it’s not how I expected, or even wanted.

  2. Prayer:
    My sis is going through a tough time..her hubby is a minister and the load is very heavy for her just now…

    My youngest daughter just landed a very good job after being laid off for 4 months…very scary time for a young single mom…and her parents..:)

  3. Prayer: , there are so many people, that I know and don’t know that need prayer , the lost, the shutins, and the farmers that need rain, and so on!

    Praise God for his grace, and Praise him for what he did for me,
    and that he will take care of are needs not our wants!
    Thank You Lord

  4. Prayer: 1) Fellow blogging buddy that should be hearing about a job sometime today – he’s been jobless now for a couple of weeks while also trying to find a house. 2) This Sunday my wife and I will be going to a different Sunday School class; not sure why, but there’s some anxiety there for both of us.

  5. Another prayer request, if I may: just now my coworker asked me if I could talk to her for a sec. When I got to her office, she was sobbing nearly uncontrolably. Her husband and her are having some real difficulties with their marriage right now. Pleast keep them in your prayers.

  6. Request: We are in desperate need of rain. The farmers around here are really hurting.

    Praise: Thank you Lord for delivering my stepson out of a very unhealthy environment and into his fathers loving protection.

  7. Prayer: My family and I are looking for a new church, again. after about 6 months of hopeing the new church we were attending would be a church that taught meaty doctorine, we have decided to move on. The Church was really comfortable, and had great facilities, and more importantly for us a great childrens program. But last time we attened the church focus was inadvertantly laid bare, the speaker (not usual pastor but very much in line with the pastoral view of this church) said during a sermon “When people come into a church they don’t see God. They see the lights and comfortabl;e furnature…) I want to find a church where people walk in and see God.

    Praise: That God is just, faithful, and unchanging. That He chose me and died for my sin. That He has given me a family and allowed me to live in a country where I am free from persecution because of my faith.

  8. Praise: I have a brand new granddaughter, my first grandchild.

    Pray: for my son, who will be teaching eighth grade math this year. Pray that he will be a godly influence on his students

  9. Prayer:
    I have an emergency prayer request: I’ve gotta preach this mornin’! Pray fer me brother!

    I get to preach this mornin’! Rejoice with me!

  10. Gordon,
    There is one individual who came to my mind and has been on my heart.
    I do not know him personally but I believe you do, and that is Michael at DEEPER TRUTH. I think we need to life him up to the Lord, and pray for his faith to be strengthened through all of this.
    My praise is that I am ever thankful for my family and friends, and especially for the wonderful salvation in Christ Jesus.

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