Weekend Survey

I hope everyone has had a great week. In honor of it being so hot, I am going to offer free advertising space this weekend. (That really makes a lot of sense doesn’t it?)

If you would like to, take a moment and tell us about your blog and provide us with a link.

Just make sure the blog is family friendly, otherwise I will tell Al Gore about you and he will yank your internet privileges.

Be blessed.

13 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. Come on over to Nephos and take part in “Book Poll 3”.

    Thanks to all of you who have already participated!

  2. I would but I don’t know how to leave a link 😦

    anyway have a great weekend Gordon

  3. jel, It’s not too difficult once you get the hang of it. Here’s how:

    Type <a href=”http://www.thelinkyouwanttoleave.com”>Text that describes the link</a> and it will show up as the text you typed in the middle (“Text that describes the link”) highlighted and underlined as a link! For example, your blog would be typed like this:

    <a href=”http://jelmyplace.blogspot.com”>Jel’s place</a>

    and would show up as:

    Jel’s place

    steve πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks, Steve, I’ll try that now…I wasn’t sure how either. I did finally get links on my sidebar.

    My blog is Lacoochee Kid

  5. Shoes Off at the Door, Please

    Our blog is dedicated to encouraging people not to wear shoes at home and that it is quite fine to ask visitors to remove their shoes.

    Removing shoes at the door keeps homes cleaner and protects the family from dust and other nasty stuff that gets on peoples’ shoes.

    Every Blessing in Christ


  6. You should move to Florida, where we have temperatures only in the upper 80s and low 90s.

    Most of the year.

    My blog, by the way, is a veritable hodge-podge of my disjointed thoughts and beliefs, sometimes relevant…or not.

  7. Gordon,
    I want to leave a site link, and here is the address http://tabisaiahsprayers.blogspot.com
    You are more familiar with FIRE AND HAMMER. This new site I have dedicated for the purpose of prayer for the lost and for needy pastors and churches.
    Thanks Gordon.

  8. I’ve got two blogs. My primary blog showcases my illustrations and sketches:


    My other blog is all about evangelism and helping to encourage Christians to share the Gospel:


  9. My blog By His Grace Alone is a compilation of poetry about my life before and after my conversion….bits and pieces of a book I am writing

    except now I am going through a separation/divorce, so it is a mess…just like me….

    but I have wonderful friends and
    I trust God in all things..


  10. Thanks for the invitation, Gordon. I’m at The First Hundred
    as in, “the first hundred years are the hardest”.

    My poetry blog is Frangible Heart
    but I haven’t done much with it for a while. I need inspiration.

  11. brotonysblog.blogspot.com

    Theology, discipleship, spiritual interest, sports, family, every day observations with a pointed and unashamed conservative, evangelical, Christian bias.

    First person to visit my blog and post a reply (in person) wins all the home-grown tomatoes they can carry.

  12. Wow.. there’s some links on here I am definitely going to go check out.

    Come on over and visit Krist’s Korner any time!

  13. Thanks all. We had done this particular survey once before, but we have a few new readers that have joined us since then and I wanted to give them the opportunity to introduce themselves to you.

    Hope your week is off to a great start.

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