Weekend Survey

It’s a little late, but today has been pretty busy. Just to let everyone know, I’m going to be on vacation from July 17-23. Posting will be slow during that time, but when I get back I am going to be back on a regular schedule.

For this weekend’s survey, why not tell everyone what your three favorite summertime activities are?

Here are mine, not necessarily in order.

1. Cooking out (okay, maybe that really is number one).

2. Baseball

3. Swimming

Thanks to all who stop by and participate. I hope the next few days are good to you.

14 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. 1) Swimming–when I get a chance to! We used to have two relatives with pools, and now neither one have pools, so I don’t get into the water as much as I would like.

    2) Grilling out–I got a nice gas grill for mother’s day, and I’ve been using it like crazy.

    3) Not having to wear jackets or coats!

  2. Wearing sandals and open-toed shoes.

    Grilling…I actually do it in the winter too, but it’s way more pleasant in the summer…no parka!

    Sitting out by my pond in the evening.

  3. Gordon,
    I have not thought much about what my favorite Summer time activities are, but i suppose the first would be staying cool. I love Summer, and for me it is easier to stay cool than to get warm; secondly, probably getting together for family gatherings; last weekend we had all our kids and grandkids here for a family weekend, and to celebrate my wife’s fiftieth B-day; third, even though i do not have one, i still prefer it as a means of relaxation, and fun, and that is riding a motorcycle. I do ride anytime i get a chance by borrowing from a friend or something like that.

  4. Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet

    (but only if the hot dogs are black and covered with mustard and onions)

  5. 1. Golf
    2. Grilling out
    3. Sitting on our deck enjoying the beautiful mountain weather

    steve 🙂

  6. I share 3 of your summertime favorites, Gordon. 2 of them you named in this post:
    Cooking out (‘cept I can’t afford charcol).
    Swimming (‘cept I don’t like to get my hair wet).
    This one you didn’t mention, but I notice that, like me,you like to make excuses for not blogging regularly.

    jist kiddin’

  7. In no particular order….


  8. wearing sandals
    sitting in the sun with a book
    cooking out-definitley
    sitting on my deck
    eating fresh garden veggies

  9. hope you have a wonderful time! God’s Grace.

  10. 1. Hot snags (sausages) to eat.
    2. Cold beers to drink.
    3. Cold water to swim in.

  11. 1. Blackberries,blueberries & strawberries!!
    2. Fresh Vegetables!!!
    3. Air Condition!!!!!!!
    4. Our Spa(when it is not to hot)

  12. Swimming, grilling, and, same as always, spending time with loved ones.

  13. For this weekend’s survey, why not tell everyone what your three favorite summertime activities are? (emphasis mine)

    From some of the replies here (*cough*jada’s gigi*cough*), I’m reminded of this cute little joke:

    There are three types of people in the world: Those who can count, and those who can’t.

    steve 😉

  14. 1. going out of town
    2. sipping an iced-cold lemonade by the pool.
    3. staying inside my room watching DVDs with the aircondition on.

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