Weekend Survey

Hope everyone is having a great week. Since next week brings us to July 4, why not share with us how you intend to celebrate? Or if you are not from the U.S., tell us about your country’s national holiday and how you like to observe it?

My family is going to be getting together with my parents and grandma for food, fun and fireworks.

Hope you have a blessed weekend!


11 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. We’re going to get together with some friends and have a barbeque. Then we usually talk to the kids about how wonderful our country is. And the reason for our freedom.

  2. hey gordon…thanks so much for your kind and encouraging words. i’m sure as you know, as a parent, it’s always a challange, but what greater joy than to see them allowing God to work in their daily lives. and it is all only thru His love and mercy. may He be greatly praised!

    for the holiday, looks like we’re gonna be on the softball fields, in a tournament. i’m sure david will make sure we squeeze some time in somewhere for home-made peach and strawberry ice cream.

    hope you guys have a wonderful and blessed 4th of july! and thanks again for your thoughtful comments and encouragments.

    in Him,


  3. On the terrace barbq. hot dogs ,hamburgers and mayhem!

  4. at this point, we don’t have any specific plans, other than to watch fireworks on the evening of the 4th. Unfortunately, my theater schedule does not provide for an off day on the 4th, so I’ll have rehearsal that day from 10-6. As well as rehearsals Saturday and Sunday….no rest for the weary πŸ˜‰

  5. We do not have a national holiday in the United Kingdom.

    We are above that sort of thing.

  6. Matthew I’m still laughing. πŸ˜‰

    Grub on the Grill for all comers which will include at least two daughters and their boy friends. We are planning for more though.

    Have a great weekend preacher! πŸ˜‰

  7. Matthew, you are alright, my friend. The world definitely needs more people like you! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  8. we use to have a big todo on the 4th, but we don’t do it anymore!

    so the husband and I will watch the fireworks on TV πŸ™‚

    you all enjoy the weekend!

  9. Since one daughter lives at FORT DRUM New York and the other daughter lives at FORT KNOX,KY. and my son will be on the road the forth I will probably try out the new rib sampler plate at Sonny,s barbecue Resturant ! Then in the afternoon have a ice cold watermellon slushie and good possibility a big bowl of upside down fresh ga peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top ? Beautiful dream ain;t it ? Ya;ll have a safe holiday so I’ll have some blogs to read Wednesday ! RON .

  10. I’m going to spend the Fourth thanking God and the U.K. for our national holiday.

  11. I’m continuing to help friends clean up from our recent flooding.

    My store had no damage, only a flooed basement, which I never use. But many of my friends lost everything…so it’s hipwaders, and sumppumps for the holiday!

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