A Victorious Week

God is great. He is certainly capable of helping His people overcome great obstacles to accomplish His work.

Last week our church held Vacation Bible School. Any of you who are involved in such endeavors know that there are inherent challenges to such a ministry. It seems that from the beginning of our planning for this week, Satan continually fought. Literature costs exceeded our estimated budget. An eventually resolved, but initially bitter division between some of the leaders arose. During the week itself, several of our staff became ill. One of our workers was involved in a car wreck. On and on I could go of the unforeseen challenges that came against us, but God prevailed.

We saw the largest attendance we had ever had in the history of the church. We made some wonderful contacts with several families who are unchurched. Several of our newest converts and members got heavily involved in this ministry. Most importantly, we saw eight precious souls receive Christ as their Savior.

God really gave us a shot in the arm with this wonderful week. We are all physically tired, but yesterday was one of the best services we have had in several months. The Spirit of God really worked among His people and drew us all closer to Him and one another.

Thanks be to God who has given us the victory!

11 responses to “A Victorious Week

  1. The devil really works overtime when God’s work is being done, doesn’t he. Praise be to God for the victory.

  2. In my humble, but correct, opinion, VBS is the highlight of the year!

  3. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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  5. VBS is about equal to having a revival, isn’t it?
    I’m glad yours went well. We had seven children accept Christ in ours last week.
    Actually, I’m commenting because of your Scripture of the day for today. It is my ‘practical’ favorite.
    You might like my 11 Jun 2006 [corrected date], post with pictures of Adi and Scripture verses about The Way.
    One commentor said I was letting Adi do the preaching for that day.

  6. it is when we struggle and are oppressed that we rely most heavily on Him. When we do this He is able and more often than not, blesses us all the greater for relying on Him when so much was going wrong.

    Fantastic to hear it went so well!


  7. Gordon –
    I could use your help. I have a mentoring network and I am looking for a Godly mentor (woman) who is or has been a missionary?? Can you email me at emphasisonmoms@qwest.net for more info?


  8. It’s great to hear how God blessed your VBS. Praise Him!

  9. i’ve always felt that when satan is working that hard against you, then you KNOW that God is about to get much glory! so praise God for all you’re doing. you will probably never know all the seeds that were planted during this week!


  10. it’s nice to see how the devil is defeated in tmes like this. praise God!

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