Weekend Survey

Hope everyone has had a good week. Mine has been pretty full, it didn’t leave me much time for blogging or a few other things either for that matter.

The shortage of time led me to today’s question. If you knew you had only one hour to live, what would you do with that hour?

I think I would call my loved ones and tell them one more time that I love them, then spend the remaining moments hugging my wife and boys.

Have a blessed weekend.

15 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. I think with one hour, we would all look up loved ones. But, what would you blog with one hour left?

  2. Nice to see a man who has his priorities and focus straight. Right on Codepoke!

    Seriously, I think I would get as many of my friends together as I could and spend what time I had enjoying a good BBQ, reminiscing, and if I still had time I would squeeze in one more game of Volleyball.

    (Come on CP. Are you saying that tennis did not cross your mind? Careful. The Lord’s is listening.)

  3. I would refuse to accept it and get on with mu life.

  4. I would call family and friends and remind them one more time of the positive impact they had placed on my life….keep planting those seeds….

    I would hug my kids longer and harder than I ever had

  5. I would let my family and friends know that I loved them…post a goodbye on the Blog :-0 and have a long conversation with God!

  6. definitely in the boat with those who would cling to family….call them, hold them, love them tight…and I’d probably talk to the Lord…of course I would be seeing Him shortly so that wouldn’t really be too necessary, it would just make me feel better…lol

  7. Reminded me of the last minutes before my wife died. My two young kids, my pastor and me in the intensive care room saying our goodbyes … when out of nowhere a nurse came in and asked if we’d like her to sing a song … she sang Amazing Grace in an almost angelic voice … that is how I’d like to go … saying goodbye to those close to me while I am saying hello to Jesus … in sweet and glorious worship.

  8. Good to see you up and going again Gordon.
    I think I would get all my family and friends together, and we would eat, sing and praise the Lord together, and share some tears and rejoicing while we said good bye.
    I am thankful we cannot know those things though.

  9. One hour I’d call my close friends and family and say goodbye, then pray to God to save me and preserve me.

  10. My goodness all these comments are making me weepy! I would spend the time hugging and kissing my family and telling them about God so that someday we could all be together in heaven!!!

  11. That sounds like what I would do.

    But I don’t think I would be in a panic. I’m sort of looking forward to the next stage of existence.

  12. with one hour? There’s not much you can do! I’d make sure I had my things in order for the family – wills, bills. etc. (I’ve learned how this can make a death easy or very difficult and complicated) I’d make sure I had things right with God. Double check and make sure my recipes are there and correct for everyone to cook/bake if they wanted some specialities to eat 🙂 And I’d probably be constantly on the phone talking to everyone I could and hugging family while I was doing this…and definitely do all of this with someone! Oh, this is so depressing! But as an older gentleman once told my Dad, “Each day is like Christmas!”

  13. I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old.

    If I knew I only had 1 hour left here on earth, I would catch up on some sleep. Dang I miss sleep!


  14. i’d go to my parents and hug them and tell them that i love them so much. i’ll call my brothers and sister and tell them that i love them too. and i’ll spend the rest of my remaining time hugging my husband and telling him how much i love him until my last breath.

  15. I would tell my family goodbye, and pray, because when I die all I want to do is continue my conversation with Him face to face.

    God bless,


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