McGoth and Some Good Blogs

Phil Johnson, the chief Pyromaniac, posted a disturbing article this weekend concerning McDonald’s heavily sponsored site, KidzWorld. The website features McDonald’s themed Gothic wear and gear with an explanation of what it means. It also provides information on Wicca and adoption of children by gay parents. If you have or know any children who have Web access, YOU NEED TO READ THIS ARTICLE. While McDonald’s doesn’t own the site, they sponsor it and allow their trademark arches, along with Ronald McDonald’s image to be used throughout the site.

On a positive note let me share with you some new links to blogs I enjoy. Recently I mentioned Danny Kaye (not his real name) but for some reason I failed to add his link to my blogroll. That is now rectified.

Pastor Steve Weaver is a solid expositor of Scripture from Tennessee. His writing will bless and challenge you. I highly recommend his blog.

Another blog I have been enjoying is Oversight of Souls. Ray van Neste is a professor at Union College in Tennessee who teaches ministerial students. If you are involved in any form of ministry, you will find his blog to be a great inspiration and help to you.

I hope everyone has a blessed day.

4 responses to “McGoth and Some Good Blogs

  1. hey gordon! had a wonderful mother’s day, thanks!

    and thanks for the insight on mcdonalds. as a family, we really try and support companies that push for moral life values. it’s so sad that so many of our major companies are leaving family values.

    have a blessed day!

  2. Thanks for the link!

  3. That McArticle was disturbing. They had the “Wonderful World of Wicca” but I did not find the “Wonderful World of Christ”. I wonder why?

    The Zoner

  4. It kind of raises some questions about their mcmotives doesn’t it?

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