Cell Phones Redialed

It occurred to me that someone could get the idea from my last post that I hate cell phones. If I may put this in a spiritual context (this IS a Christian blog, after all), I may not like the technology, but I do not hate the cell phone owners.

As I said, there have been times when cell phones have done some good. And no, I do not honestly believe that cell phones are really a blight on our society (not too much of one, anyway). I may have exercised a little hyperbole to make my point about proper use in funerals, church services and other situations where they do not need to be used.

It is just that we are becoming a slave to technology. We have created all of these wonderful gizmos that are able to do so many things, and yet as it turns out, they rule our lives. Think about it: someone invents an alarm clock, now it tells us when to get up (okay, maybe that is a little extreme). But how long are we up in the morning before we log onto the internet to check our blog and e-mail? We go to work, and in most cases look at our computer to find out what it wants us to get done that day. Some of us are at the mercy of a coffee-maker, hair-dryer, microwave or refrigerator.

Have you ever been in an extended power outage? If you have, you realize how much free time you suddenly have on your hands when there is no electricity.

I realize the irony of writing about this on a computer and publishing it on the internet. I think this proves I am not the enemy of technology. My point is, when we let technology alter our behavior, cause us to act rudely or recklessly, or make us to be unaware of what is going on around us we have allowed it to become our master.

What I have shared with you is just one man’s opinion. I hope that we all will take inventory of our time, our life and our behavior and make sure that we are not under the thumb of things that were intended to be our tools.

13 responses to “Cell Phones Redialed

  1. I really like my MP3 player. It’s probably the best toy I have. I don’t think I would ever have my headphones in going into church though. I always have it low enough I can hear somebody that wants me. I always pull the headphones out when they are talking to me so it looks to them like I am listening. I have never liked people who leave them in and talk to you. It tells me they don’t care what I say.

    I wonder if “forgetting” to turn a cell phone off is something akin to saying that having it on is more important than anything else.

  2. Gordon,
    Great article, once again.
    It is sad to see that we can become so enslaved to those things which aid us.

  3. I’m guilty as charged 😦

    I get up put water on for coffee,
    then head for the pc, it is my link to the world. lasted year when I had to take it into the shop, it was in for a month, but it felt like 3, my poor dh had to walk softly, around me, poor baby!

    but I’m getting better when my server went down last weekend, I didn’t go nuts πŸ™‚

    thanks for this post, Gordon,

    have a great day

  4. Yeh, yeh, yeh. Just admit it. You’re a technophobe!

    Stand up and say it. “Hi. My name is Heavenly Heartburn, and I’m a technophobe.”

    Doesn’t that feel better?

  5. “Hi. My name is Casey, and I’m a technophobe”.

    Gordon I was ready to align with you against this vicious evil. Ah well I suppose there is something I can stand against somewhere! (hehe)

    Honestly I am totally sympathetic. πŸ˜‰

  6. I hear ya Gordon. I have made a conscious decision and even put the info on my message center that I do not answer my cell after 6:00pm and will not be returning business calls on weekends.

    At home one of the most freeing things I did was to get rid of the answering machine. I literally hated getting home at 6 or 7 and having another list of calls I had to return. The people that had to reach me already had done so.

    It has been a blessing.

    Thanks for stopping my blog again. If I can find one more Gordon, I’ll have a trifecta!

  7. I agree totally. I cant tell you how many times in the middle of a sermon someones cell phone will go off. So distracting. I have gotten to the point that I just leave mine in the car. I have come to the conclusion that my phone is there for my convenience and not the convenience of others. Hold on my phone is ringing….ok like I was saying, cell phones most times – get on my nerves.

  8. Why don’t we have an old fashion bon fire and burn them all?
    In my last church, we had to pass a rule that all phones had to be turned off before entering the building. When I would remind them of this, one lady always had to run to the back to get help to turn hers off!

  9. Michael, I think your last sentence is probably the attitude that many (not all) have.

    T.A. and Janice, thanks for your insights.

    Cameron, snakes are a phobia, cell phones are a burden.

    KC, always glad to have you on my team, brother.

    Dave, not only would you have a trifecta, you would have the most prestigious blog on the web. πŸ˜‰

    Josh, that is a good approach–for your convenience.

  10. Daddy, what would you do without yours? :0)

  11. taking better inventory of our time is always a great idea. thanks for the heads up, gordon!


  12. Wasn’t it Kip Dynamite who sang, “But I still love technology…”?

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