Changing Our Mind(set)

As Jesus taught His disciples, He began to say some things that were a total cross-cut to the grain of human nature:

Blessed are the poor in spirit… to those who were so full of themselves.

Blessed are they that mourn… to those who would convince themselves of their own

Blessed are the meek… to those who would advance their own rights and agendas.

Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness… to those who had an appetite for the carnal.

Blessed are the merciful… to those with an unforgiving spirit.

Blessed are the pure in heart… to those whose lives were full of moral corruption.

Blessed are the peacemakers… to those who were contentious and angry.

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake… to those who lacked the boldness to openly proclaim their faith in Him.

I am convinced that in order for us to be obedient to God’s command to be filled with His Spirit, we must first be willing to empty ourselves of ourselves. These Beatitudes point out to us the areas of our lives in which human nature conflicts with divine nature. Allowing these blessings to saturate our consciousness will bring us to a place where we are willing to forsake the things in this world that pull our attention away from Jesus.

As we learn of Him, let us be willing to allow His Spirit to convict us, cleanse us, change our mindset and fill us with the nature that is a reflection of the image of our Lord.

It is a life with a price, but Jesus calls it “blessed”.

11 responses to “Changing Our Mind(set)

  1. Awesome, 🙂

  2. …..still going……

  3. love this post…..
    God bless

  4. great post, gordon! may we all be “blessed” and consider ourselves as such!

  5. “I am convinced that in order for us to be obedient to God’s command to be filled with His Spirit, we must first be willing to empty ourselves of ourselves.”

    Well said, Gordon. A friend and I wrote a song that had the lyric: “Drain out all my desire to make myself a king/
    Pour your Spirit in me.”

    It’s so true. Good post.

  6. Nice blog–thoughtful posts, full of truth. Thanks for visiting Windows lately. Always good to connect to another believer in Christ. God bless your writing!

  7. Great stuff and very challenging.

  8. How profound that you posted this today. My friend Joe from Joe’s Jottings posted the Beatitudes today also!

    In his comments I recounted a story from church this Sunday. I asked a seven-year-old-girl how she was. She replied, “Blessed.”

    So for the rest of the day anytime someone asked me how I was, I crecounted the story and told them that I couldn’t be upstaged by a child…so I was blessed too!

    God teaches us in wonderful ways!

    Feedblitz is awesome too!

  9. Thanks for visiting my site. [Remember there are 7 blogs!!] I liked your post on the Beatitudes. Can I blogroll you on my site?


  10. “It is a life with a price, but Jesus calls it “blessed”.”

    When we follow Jesus we share in His death so that we can share in His life. Death to ourselves is the price, but He has purchased eternal life and fellowship with Him for us. A fair trade i would say.

    Good post Gordon. Its so amazing how when God wants to tell you something He really tells you. This is the third place this week I have been confronted with the Beattitudes and the Sermon on the Mount.


  11. I am glad that God is using this. I too have been amazed at how many are posting about the Beatitudes and the idea of sitting at the feet of Jesus at the same time. It kind of makes you wonder if maybe God is up to something doesn’t it?

    Procyon I would be glad for you to add me to your blogroll. You have a really nice site too.

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