Sitting At the Feet Of Jesus

His disciples climbed the mountain behind Him. Can you imagine the questions in their minds? These were men who were only recently called away from their fishing boats and tax records. They had entered this whirlwind of ministry with this new teacher. The excitement of the crowds, the healings, the deliverances undoubtedly had them feeling an adrenaline rush.

Jesus called them away from all of that to come and listen to Him.

He climbed the mountain, sat down and waited for them to catch up. When they got to where He was, He began to teach them. He taught them a new way of thinking: different attitudes, a new philosophy of life, a higher set of morals, that prayer and worship should be meaningful, all of the new aspects of the Kingdom. He concluded this sermon by warning them that failure to heed His words was to build a life that is destined to collapse.

Has that principle changed? I don’t think so. It is still God’s desire for us to hear the words of Jesus. Throughout the Gospel of John, Jesus repeatedly reminds the disciples about the value of His words calling them doctrine, truth, spirit and eternal life.

Yet we so often fail to sit at the feet of Jesus. We replace worship with work. We ignore prayer, substituting the latest leadership methods for the power of the Holy Spirit. Our Bibles collect dust while we read the latest Christian best-seller on how to be a better person.

The voice of Jesus still patiently calls, “Come, climb the mountain with me. Sit at my feet and learn of me.”

A comment after the last post in this topic made reference to the fact that our ministry should flow out of time spent with Jesus. This is so true. I am learning that the things God wants me to do are actually the things He wants to do through me. This will only come about if I am maintaining fellowship through personal worship of Christ.

Jesus calls to you, He wants you to sit at His feet, hear His words, get to know Him better. Are you too busy to come?


12 responses to “Sitting At the Feet Of Jesus

  1. Preach it, brother! 🙂
    This is good and important stuff to hear. All the ministry, good works and Christian self-help books in the world cannot substitute for time spent with Him.

  2. Quieting our own hearts in order to listen to His is so important, and yet sadly, so often neglected. Thanks!

  3. Great Post
    Thats the problem we don’t listen , we would rather do the speaking.

    Thank you

  4. Amen from me too! This is something I’ve been trying to focus on also.

    God Bless,


  5. this is a good post, Gordon,

    we all need to quite time, to read
    the word!

    take care

    God bless

  6. We replace worship with work. We ignore prayer, substituting the latest leadership methods for the power of the Holy Spirit. Our Bibles collect dust while we read the latest Christian best-seller on how to be a better person.

    This is so well-said, Gordon. Thanks for this great reminder that it all comes back to spending time with the Word Himself!

    steve 🙂

  7. It really is amazing, isn’t it?
    Here we are, the runts of the universe; given free admission to a front row seat before the very throne of our creator!
    Logically we should be so fired up about it that we would never want to spend a moment AWAY from the throne bowed down in worship.
    I would imagine that if we really understood God in all His fullness, we would be willing to physically waste away before being willing to get up and walk away from the throne in order to do something else, like eat, watch movies, go potty, SIN…etc.

    (The above comment was a “cut and paste” of a comment from my site.)

  8. Would that we all would learn to sit at Jesus’ feet daily!

    Great post!

  9. Yea!!! My FeedBlitz subscription started….it’s awesome…black print on white!!!

    This was a great post and something that needs to be impressed upon the church on a regular basis. It hit a nerve with me when you talked about how people are so willing to read the latest Christian book…while at the same time ignoring God’s Word.

    I think that is because God’s Word convicts the spirit when you read it…and people today don’t want to be told that they are ignoring the track God has set them on!

  10. Thanks all, for your insightful comments. It is truly amazing how God is speaking about this to so many on the blogosphere at this time. Our churches desperately need for us as God’s people to develop an insatiable hunger for Him.

  11. Sound thoughts, Gordon.–>

  12. The Holy Spirit Led me to this web page. I’m so excited about this topic. God is so awesome! You are so right about the things you said in your message to people to busy in ministry to sit at the feet of Jesus. Actually, this reveals to them and others that their hearts desires pleasing people rather than pleasing God. That’s why people turn to the best selling books or man made idea about God and ministry. The Holy Spirit is our mentor not the wisdom of Man!

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