Some New Items

I have a pretty busy day ahead of me, so I will not have time to post much today. I would however like to mention a couple of new blogs that I have been visiting as well as some new items on my own blog.

Steve Sensenig at Theological Musings is definitely worth a read. While Steve and I may differ on a few points, he is a good writer and will definitely challenge you both intellectually and theologically.

My dad, Dr. Kenneth Cloud, has thrown his hat into the blog ring. Check out his blog, Palms of Victory. He taught me most of what I know, now you understand why I am the way I am.

Some of you have already taken advantage of the opportunity to receive my blog via RSS feed. For those not familiar with this, you can have my blog delivered directly to your favorite feed-reader, such as My Yahoo or Newsgator. Just click on the orange button below “Syndication” on the sidebar and it will help you get set up. I also have an option where you can receive my posts by e-mail. It is just below the orange button. Neither of these options will let you comment but if you read something you like (or don’t like for that matter) you can always come back and comment. I hope you will.

Have a blessed day and I will catch up with you later.

7 responses to “Some New Items

  1. Thanks for the link, Gordon. Although, I want to be quick to point out that there is no “sin” in my name 😉

    steve 🙂

  2. Oops! Don’t read anything into that.

  3. love the new look. very calming.

    thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers during this time in our lives. we are doing well, thanks to God’s grace and peace.


  4. hehe…it’s actually a common problem with my name. I worked with Randy Phillips for about 6 years, and he still spells my name “Sensinig”! 🙂 (It’s even misspelled in the credits of their live DVD…ugh!)

    I’m very used to it, but couldn’t resist ribbing you about it.

    Have a blessed night, and thanks again for your gracious responses to my blog. You’re a great person to have around on one’s blog 🙂

    steve 🙂

  5. Your dad writes well.

    we’ll slow down a bit so you can catch up.

  6. Your Dad is obviously a great person! 😉

    I’m so glad you mentioned your site feed. I thought I had added you long ago and was even frustrated with you for turning off your site feed! When you mentioned it here I checked again and sure enough I hadn’t subscribed. Sorry for the misplaced blame. 😦

    Okay off to check out that sinful, er I mean sensenig blog (hehe) 😉

  7. Lisa, so glad you are doing well. God bless.

    Steve, I have been called “McCloud” so many times it isn’t even funny, so I feel your pain.

    Joe, my Dad is a pretty good guy.

    KC, LOL don’t worry about it, brother.

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