The House that Prayer Built

Yesterday was a very exciting day at Pine Park Baptist Church. After 9 years of planning and praying, and 2 years of construction (and more praying), we finally moved in to our new facility.

We had a wonderful day with a great crowd (for us) in attendance. Many visitors came as we celebrated the miracle of the Resurrection inside our own miracle. In addition, we were able to baptize two who had recently come to faith in Christ. There were several there who had not been in church in a very long time. We had a great chance to share the Gospel with them and are praying that the seeds of God’s Word that were planted will come to fruition in their heart.

I call this building, “The House that Prayer Built”. As I mentioned, the church started planning this building about 11 years ago. Much thought and prayer had gone into the project, but about 21/2 years ago, it had come to a standstill. Money had just about stopped coming in, and there was no clear direction as to how to proceed.

As a church, we felt the need to seek the will of God. For 40 days, we held two prayer meetings a day. We had numerous prayer events and even had a couple of fasts (it does a Baptist good). As we prayed, we asked God for three things: wisdom, faith and unity. I do not tell you these things to bring attention to us, I tell you this so I can show you how God responds to the cries of His people.

We did not plan this at the outset, but by the end of the prayer campaign, our building committee came forward with a recommendation to begin construction. The vote in the church was unanimous, with several who had opposed the new project voting in favor of it. They said later that during the time of prayer, they saw the need for it and were now behind the project. We have not had one dissenting vote on any phase of the project since that day. God has blessed us with incredible unity.

This would require a bit of faith on our part, however. We did not have anywhere close to the amount needed to complete the project. Even the least expensive bids were well out of reach for our congregation. God raised up a man in our congregation who was qualified to oversee the project for us. This alone saved several hundred thousand dollars. We then began to realize that there were several steps we could take that would save money without sacrificing quality. Even after all of this, we still had less than half of the money needed to complete the project.

As a body, we felt strongly that we should build this without going into debt. I am not saying that it is always wrong for churches to finance things, but at this time, we did not believe that God was leading us to go in that direction. This raised the question, “What if we get started and can’t get it finished?” Thankfully, our people stepped forward in faith.

I say this to the everlasting glory of God. We worshipped in a brand new facility yesterday that is absolutely beautiful and DO NOT OWE ONE DIME! God is truly able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. You have to understand, we don’t have any wealthy people in our congregation, God brought the money in from some unbelievable sources. Our congregation realizes how blessed we are. We can testify that we know that God responds to faith in ways that we cannot imagine.

As you can tell, I am more than a little pumped about this. I want to continue with some more thoughts on forgiveness this week, but I just had to take a “time out” and share this blessing with you. To God be the glory, great things He has done!


26 responses to “The House that Prayer Built

  1. I am pumped with you! Congratulations Gordon.

  2. A LEAP of Faith! AWESOME!!!!!

    I really happy for you and your Church family! 🙂

    maybe one of these days, we can come see your new church and hear you preach! 🙂

  3. That’s wonderful. I’m so glad you shared and posted a picture. So often a building project can bring real division, so God must truly be glorified by the unanimity that your church demonstrated. I pray that it will truly be a beacon that shines forth the love of Jesus to a hurting world. God bless.

  4. Congratulations on your new building! You SHOULD be pumped about it! I love the nickname you give it – because it so obviously credits God.

  5. Praise the Lord! Gordon! What a wonderful testimony! Gods Blessing on you and your congregation and my you continue in that spirit of community and oneness!

  6. Praise the Lord!

    I know you guys were thrilled to finally be in your new auditorium.

    God works when we pray.

  7. Congratulations Gordon, may God bless and challenge you and the congregation for many years as you seek to serve Him from your new building.

  8. hmmmmmmm. your money situation sounds a lot like a small story I know about five loafs of bread and two fish.

    Isn’t it amazing how God can turn the seemingly impossible into reality? I love situations like these. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  9. Thanks everyone for sharing in the joy!

  10. Gordon, It seems to me that we need to do more bragging about God and His work. When we brag about Him we should be doing it humbly.

  11. One more thing I intended to say. That is great. All praise to the One to whom all glory is due.

  12. I’m interested to know what “humbly” means when baring witness to God’s blessings and miracles. There has been no credit taken here that wasn’t given to God. SHOUT THIS FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!

  13. Jeannie and L.D.

    Jeannie and L.D. say:
    We are so very happy for you and your church family. Congratulations on all of your hard work and diligent prayers. “A fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” We want to be there for the dedication. We know you will always give God the glory for all He has done.

  14. T.A.–my greatest fear in this building is that someone will try to give God’s glory to man.

    Jesus Addict–doing my best to do that, brother. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

    Jeannie and L.D.–thanks for stopping by. Y’all really are some pretty good in-laws. 🙂

  15. congrats on the completion of the “house that prayer built”. and every right to be pumped up!

    thanks for your prayers. please pray that i will allow the love, joy and peace of Jesus to shine through, even during the valleys.

    hope all is well with you all. i’m starting to really feel out of touch with mt blogging “brothers and sisters”.


  16. I love hearing how God wonderfully provides homes for his church.

    The church I grew up in rented the town hall (Small country town of about 4000 people) for services for many years and a member of the church had a word of knowledge that we would one day buy the old theatre.

    It came up for sale, the church prayed and prayed, only to have the theatre sell to another party. It changed hands a few times untill the council bought it and renovated it to use as offices and conference centre.
    4 or 5 years later the council was running out of money so they had to sell the theatre. Low and behold, about 10 years after the initiall dissapointment and feelings of abandonment by God not fulfilling His promise that we would move into it we did. With far more rennovations completed than our church could ever have afforded and furniature and the likes, the council still rents some fo the smaller conference room from time to time which even helps with the repayments of the building!

    His timing never our own.


  17. Congrats! Your dad was bragging on the church last night at class.

  18. Bro Gordon , I received a real blessing as the rest of our church family ! GOD has truly blessed us and even the little children as well ! I know how my 5 grandchildren were really excited about the services Sunday ? The little one [5yrs old] ask me after I picked them up was we going to the OLD OR THE NEW GODS CHURCH ? How sweet it is to teach and enjoy our GRANDCHILDREN IN THE PRESENCE OF GODS LOVE ? THANKS TO OUR WONDERFUL SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS AND MY PRAYER IS THAT GOD WILL CONTINUE TO BLESS US AND THANKS TO OUR DEDICATED LEADERS OF OUR NEW GODS CHURCH! HAVE A BLESSED DAY ! RON .

  19. Lisa–I know that you and your family have been through an unbelievably trying month. God’s grace is going to get you through it. Hang in there, sister.

    MDM–God works things out in His timing doesn’t He?

    Michael–Hope things are going well for you. I’ve been praying.

    Bro. Ron–I look forward to a lot of great Sundays in the NEW GOD’S CHURCH. Those children are precious.

  20. That’s great. My church recently bought a 3-story, 100+ year old school building, and we’re just in the beginning stages of trying to convert it into a community center with a worship area. Your story is very inspiring.

    Fasting DOES do a Baptist good. I should do it more often.

  21. Praise the Lord. It looks beautiful. It’s awesome to see God answering prayer!

  22. What a wonderful blessing! There are so many lessons in this effort of faith. Thanks so much for sharing this great blessing with us. May God continue to bless you all. 😉

  23. God has truly blessed you. Use it wisely and be a good steward…but I know I don’t have to tell you that! LOL

  24. This is wonderful!

    We are struggling with what direction to go with regard to worship space.

    I will, with your permission, share this post with our congregation.

  25. Bobby–I pray that God will lead y’all in this project.

    Kristi–it is indeed awesome to see God answer prayer.

    KC–thanks for the comment.

    Bonnie–it never hurts to be reminded! 🙂

    Joe–by all means. I hope that it will be a blessing.

  26. congrats Gordon! God Bless…

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