Weekend Survey

I’m going out of town until Saturday evening on a big camping adventure with my boys. In the meantime, why don’t you tell us a little bit about your blog? Feel free to include a link in the comments if you like. The only stipulation is that your blog must be family friendly.

Have a blessed weekend.


19 responses to “Weekend Survey

  1. Over at Sweet Jazzy Cat we try to post once a day with a photograph. The content is about religion, the culture, worldviews, politics, and animals. There is a link to 58 of my Photo Meditations which are located on my church website.


  2. Bro. Tony’s blog is about faith, family, sports, the outdoors, and personal obeservations (some interesting, others…eh). Come by and visit sometime!

  3. At Theological Musings I spend time warding off heretics like Gordon Cloud….oh, wait. This is Gordon’s blog. I better change that.

    *hitting backspace repeatedly*

    At Theological Musings, I try to open up discussion about concepts relating to theology, simple church, and, as I call them, other “out-of-the-box” ideas.

    We have some really good discussions over there. Presently, we are discussing the role of preaching and teaching in the church.

    steve πŸ™‚

  4. Besides being the most mispronounced blogname in history (according to MY research), Nephos addresses a variety of topics as they relate to the Christian life (with an occasional, random, sarcastic rant thrown in for good measure.)

    BTW…for all my friends who keep getting the name wrong (and you know who you are!) the e and the o are SHORT!

    Seriously, come on by. Visitors and commentors are always welcome.

  5. Consu[me]: Living a Lifestyle of Worship is a blog about. . .worship. What is worship? How do we worship? What does the Scripture say about our worship? How does worship impact our lives, the kingdom, the church, the lost? This is an online journal seeking after these thoughts.

    I also post a weekly C.S. Lewis quote and a weekly random quote. Sometimes I will post on musical “news” of interest to me.

    Come on over and give it a read.

  6. Check out my site Nicks Musings. It’s a lot of church and Bible stuff with some sports thrown in. Thanks!

  7. …..and then there was Deeper Truth were a 38 year old former drug addict, alcoholic, and all around bad guy tries to teach, preach, and share his love for Jesus and His Word….

    ….It’s straight up bible from somebody who has been forgiven the most (Luke 7:41-43)….with the misclleneous comments and thought on the christian walk in general.

  8. at my blog, i look to be real and honest – which includes being crazy and hilarious at times! i do all types of surveys, quizzes, posting pictures, and talk about life! it’s my life in the castle, my wild and romantic adventures!

  9. OH WOW!!! A FREE PLUG!!! thanks…

    Nothing Important started out as a college course requirement. It became an addiction!

    It started out, as the name implies, as just a bunch of non-sense and some cool stuff out there on the WWW.

    Now, however, I mix in with those really cool “stuffs” some Bible study, some personal stories, and whatever else is “blog-worthy”.

    Come on over and set a spell. I’ll be glad to have ya’ for a virtual cuppa joe.

    Danny Kaye (aka Jeff Morris)

  10. Ben Franklin was once miquoted that a cultured person is “A Jack of all trades, but master of none.”
    What he actually said was that a cultured person is “A Jack of all trades, but master of one.”

    I love learning and my blog is meant to track my journy through learning. I want to know a little about almost everything and hope to get there one day. More importantly though, as a Christian I want my “One Trade” to be the Word of God, the Bible. I have set myself the goal to study and comment on the whole New Testament chapter by chapter. After that who knows. I do get sidetracked though so my posts are not always a chapter commentary. I like sharing learning almost as much as learning itself so please drop by and add some tid bits which I will inevitably miss.


  11. At Fire and Hammer I am presently doing a study through the Revelation of Jesus Christ.
    I have been a pastor for over twenty years, and been in the gospel minsitry for 32 years. The Word of God is my final authority for faith and practice. I believe every new thing or teaching is to be tried by God’s Word, and if it contradicts God’s Word it is false. Science is to be tested by God’s Word. If it is against Scripture it is a false science.

  12. Bonnie Writes is all about humor and good clean fun.

    Funny jokes, pictures and whatever else I can find to post!

  13. Good to see all of you here. I have visited all of these blogs and been blessed by each of you.

    BTW, Steve, you might want to look into getting that backspace key fixed. πŸ˜‰

  14. I would like to tell everybody about my blog, but thanks to Gordon, I have a terrible case of heavenly heartburn…and I can’t seem to get any relief.

    Seriously, though, you are welcome to come over to The World From Our Window, we are currently dealing with the issues surrounding the Purpose Driven movement and leaving a church.

    One request before coming to visit us…read Gordon and Cameron first!

    PS — How do you pronounce Nephos again?

  15. Thanks for this opportunity Gordon … I have appreciated your comments on my blog. God’s blessings to you.

    An Eye for Redemption is a blog for hurting people who need a cup of kindness and a bit of encouragement. My heart is to share my thoughts and experiences in such a way to help people see their pain in light of God’s redemptive purposes.

  16. My blog has no theme. I started it out to be a chronicle of my life for my kids, trying to share with them memories of my childhood and that of my parents.

    It has turned out to be, rather, a potpourri of stuff…whatever happens to be going on in my life on any particular day.

    I’m playing with posting photos also…

  17. Over at “Godward Thoughts” we do our best to present theological truths. Some devotional, some theological, some pastoral, and some just trying to figure things out with your help.

    God bless,


  18. Greetings blog brothers and sisters. At Blessings & Other Stuff (www.tommarker.blogspot.com) (sorry, I don’t know how to do the link thing on a comment page) we tend to be somewhat lighter than most who have chimed in before me. I enjoy irony, some satire amd other stuff. Some faith related, some baseball, basketball and I even re-post items from my friends when it really touches me in some way.

  19. Well, I thought I would throw my two cents in and tell you about my blog. It is about me, my family, the goings-on in my life with some scripture and spiritual things included, as the Lord is the center of my life. I try to keep things kind of light, but sometimes I have to share that not-so-light things, too. You are more than welcome to come have a read! You will find me at http://downinmylittlevalley.blogspot.com

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