Rahman Released!

News has come from Afghanistan of Abdul Rahman’s release due to “lack of evidence”. Read about it here.

Praise the Lord!

6 responses to “Rahman Released!

  1. Yes I read that this morning,

    thank you Lord!

  2. if only they’ll follow through now – and not torture him while they still have him in prison. may he be blessed for sticking to the truth!

  3. This story may just be beginning…


  4. Anonymous, that is sobering news. We should definitely continue to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.

    I am concerned that when Rahman is released, his life will probably be in even more danger than it is now. Several Muslim clerics are inciting a crowd to murder him if released.

    I believe that Mr. Rahman has heaven in his heart, though. He seems to realize that “to be absent from the body is present with the Lord.”

  5. Yes, I heard about it on SRN news on my way to church!

  6. Thank you so very much for your post about David Eldridge. I am a member of the church that David grew up in and the Sunday School class that I belong to monthly send him money. We have also sent several groups down to help him. He is a very special young man that God has a very special plan for. I am appreicate that others realize this. Please be assured that First Baptist Church in Clinton, MS pray for him daily.

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