Pressure to Release Rahman Grows

As the furor over the plight of Afghan Christian Abdul Rahman intensifies, the U.S. government is putting pressure on Afghani president, Hamid Kharzai, to release him.

Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, in meetings with the Afghan minister has urged him in very strong terms to press for the release of Rahman. In addition, President Bush has vowed to use the leverage that the U.S. holds over Afghanistan to effect this. The governments of Great Britain, Germany and Australia have also weighed in on the situation.

As encouraging as this sounds, let us remember that ultimately this situation is in God’s hands. Let us continue to pray that His will be done, that His grace be with Bro. Rahman, and that people will be drawn to Christ through these events. Reports are already coming in regarding an increase in requests for Bibles and inquiries about Christ in Afghanistan.

May God be glorified.


5 responses to “Pressure to Release Rahman Grows

  1. I pray he is released but I pray it’s not simply because they find some cop-out that he is not mentally stable, but because the pressure from the world causes then to realize that they can’t get away with these human rights violations.

    In Prayer,


  2. All, I can say is Amen, to that!

    Thanks Gordon for keeping us posted on this!

    take care

  3. Have you seen the peaceful determination in this man? This situation seems as if it is right out of the New Testament.

    I am praying for this man’s deliverance, but only within God’s will. Also, I am praying for God to be glorified in this and that this situation will draw more people unto Him and that it will wake up the Church.

    In Christ

    Mike Ratliff

  4. It seems that when the US installed the Afghan government they forgot to tell them about the bill of rights. But if they did tell them about the separation of powers then how can the president of the country overrule the courts? Or maybe they forgot to tell them about that too.

  5. One need only look through History and the mojority of great revivals have been in places and times of great oppression and persecution of Christians. It does not surprise me that interest in the Word of God is increasing with the threat of death hanging over this Christians head.
    He does need our prayers to be with him though. Both that it might be Gods wil to spare his life but also that God will provide him with the strength to persever through these trials.


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