What Are We Going To Do About This?

The story came across the news wires yesterday. I first read it at Dan Burrell’s, Whirled Views, and then a follow-up by Dr. Al Mohler. When I read it, it literally made me sick to my stomach.

Our American soldiers have been giving their lives in the war in Afghanistan. Our government has given us two primary reasons to justify this war: the capture/termination of Osama bin Laden and the overthrow of the Taliban for the purpose of establishing democracy. We have heard of the civil injustices suffered by the citizens of Afghanistan, particularly the women. We have seen the purple thumbs raised proudly to signify the advent of free elections. We have been assured that democracy is prevailing in this battered nation.

And now this:

41-year-old, Abdul Rahman, has converted from Islam to Christianity. His own family turned him in to the government which then arrested him. He is to be tried, and if convicted, he will be hung. At last report, he is refusing to recant and we are now being told that his only hope is to be found “insane”.

Does this sound like democracy? Does this sound like the “peaceful, tolerant religion” that Islam purports to be? Is this what our troops are dying for over there?

Our State Department has indicated that they are “closely monitoring” the situation. This is politic-speak for “doing nothing”. I do not mean this next statement to be critical of our president. I believe that President Bush loves God and I admire him for that. His rhetoric, however, in this entire war has been that we should promote abroad the same liberties that we enjoy here. He has repeatedly expressed his desire that democracy flourish.

I share that same desire, but if we sit by and allow this man to die, when we have the power and the right to intervene, we are no better than those who will place the noose around the neck of our brother in Christ.

What can we do? First and foremost, we should pray. The Bible tells us that the heart of kings is in God’s hand and He has the power to turn them. Second, we should raise a hue and cry about this. Let us exercise our democratic prerogative and give voice to this. Contact our leaders and urge them act. You can contact President Bush, Vice-President Cheney, and Secretary of State Rice. Contact your U.S. Senator, ask them to exert all the influence they have to stop this.

May God help us.

I have just found and signed a petition for Mr. Rahman’s release. Please take a few seconds and sign this petition that is directed at both the U.S. and Afghan governments.

Hat tip: Frank “Centuri0n” Turk


14 responses to “What Are We Going To Do About This?

  1. That is devastating. I would be interested to see what the Lord Jesus does with Mr Rahman. I wonder what testimony the Lord by his Spirit will place in his mouth before his accusers when dragged before these wicked institutions. This is an exciting times for our God is a God of miracles.

    Secretary of State Rice came to Australia just recently, she is one amazingly clear speaker. None of our socialist media presenters could incriminate her of anything. Very Good speaker.

  2. Does this sound like the “peaceful, tolerant religion” that Islam purports to be? Is this what our troops are dying for over there?

    I am reminded of an old cartoon I once saw where there was a guy who said,

    “I’m a peace lovin’ kind of guy, and there aint nothin more peaceful than a dead man..’

    That is the kind of ‘peace’ the Muslims are talking about – get rid of all of the opposition, and then there will be peace.

    Canada has troops in Afghanistan as well who are being injured, and I can remember at least one dying – of course our Chief of Defense has left us with no illusions, nor has our current minister of defense – our mission is a pre-emptive action. We know that if left alone, the terrorists will not leave us alone. That is the only reason Canadian troops are there – there is nothing else of much interest in Afghanistan.

    At any rate, this is something to pray about, and to contact governement representatives about also. God will be able to do more than man in this situation – lets pray that those number of Christians (in the hundreds!!) in Afghanistan have a chance to increase.

    As an interesting note, here in Ontario, the Muslims wanted to have the laws changed so that if a Muslim went to court, it would be done under the Sharia law system. Boy am I glad the government tossed that one..

  3. I have said it before and am going to say it again.

    We should be very glad that not all Muslims are good Muslims.

    If all Muslims realy believed what the Quran teaches…….oh boy!

    I’m a little over half way through reading the Quran. Everytime I find a blantent statment to kill christians, jews, and basically everyone, I fold the page. So far the entire Quran has been a book of war. Roughly every 3 pages is a direct statement to kill christians and jews because we deny Allah and marry others to him.

    I don’t buy that terrorist are like radical christians that blow up abortion clinics. Read the Quran and the difference is immediatly apparent. Where there is no justification for christians to blow up and/or kill people in the Word of God, the Quran repeatedly tells anyone who wants to be a good Islamic adherent to fight for Allah. Anyone who believes that Jihad is some minor thing or whatever it is that we are being sold is simply ignorant. Jihad is the major theme of the Quran. The docrine of Jihad holds the Quran together. When the Quran isn’t speaking of killing everyone it is denying everything that christians and jews believe in.

    I don’t believe it would be a bad thing if everyone took the time to at least browse through the Quran. They can be had for free online.

    What you will quickly find out is that THIS IS A RELIGOUS WAR to the terrorist. They are doing what their religion says to do. They are not “radical”. They are good Allah loving Muslims. We had all better pray there is not a revival in the Middle East or we all find out exactly what a “peaceful, tolerant religion” Islam is.

  4. Another thing we can do about this is pray that this man’s impending death(and others like him) will bring revival to Iraq as his family witnesses him giving up his life, not taking it, for the cause of His Saviour.

  5. To paraphrase a character in a famous play from the past, “Sure are they all, all peaceful men.”

    Yeah, right.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Michael, you are exactly right. We have seen repeatedly in the news that these terrorists are not just a “small minority” within the Muslim world. I think the events in Iraq demonstrate that they are willing even to strike at other Muslims who do not agree completely with them.

    I hope and pray that our president will intervene in this. He has been talking the talk of democracy, now he gets the opportunity to walk the walk. I do not mean that in any way to be disrespectful of him, but our government has been strangely silent on human rights in cases of religious freedom in China and the Sudan. If they do not value this freedom abroad, should we not be concerned that the time will come when it is not valued at home?

  7. That’s horrible. But you all are right — the Quran makes it quite clear that “Jihad” is not just some kind of spiritual warfare — it involves physically slaying Christians and Jews.

  8. I am not surprised at this issue. This is the true manifestation of a religion that many Moslems would like to cover up.
    Your old dad!

  9. hey gordon! just wanted to say thank for your prayers and words of encouragment during this time of our lives. it’s such a wonderful thing to know that you are being lifted up to the Father, as you face these trials in life. may you be blessed.


  10. I have read the whole Quran, Michael P. and you are correct in your assessment of the religion, but it should come as no surprise because that is how Muhammed began the religion. They conquered and converted or killed all that they came upon.

    This one man is a single incident while in the Sudan, daily…hundreds, if not thousands of southern Sudan Christians are murdered or converted to Islam by northern Muslims. Beheadings of children are announced daily on SRN radio.

    Is it right…no
    Can we stop it…I doubt it. The bible speakes about the persecution of the end days. Most Americans think that it means us…Look around…Muslims are beheading christians daily in places like the Phillipines, Sudan, Somalia, Afganistan, Iran…you name it! it’s just not very popular in the US news!

  11. Gordon,
    This is truly disgusting. How’s that – this is a peaceful religion that was high-jacked by radicals?

  12. Afghanistan’s leader’s must be somewhat insecure in their faith. People secure in their faith are tolerant of other faiths.

  13. Good post. If our government has no more resolve and sense of duty than to allow this, then it is time to put out fire, call the dogs, and come home and be the little wimps many desire. Disgusting that it has gone this far. But, we must remember Romans 8:28 and be thankful.

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