Big Fish Story

I had the opportunity this weekend to take my two sons, Clay (age 9) and Glen (age 8), fishing. We didn’t catch a lot, but we made up in quality what we lacked in quantity. I was going to post a picture, but apparently Blogger is having a little technical difficulty in uploading this morning.

Glen caught a 27-inch catfish that weighed at least 8 pounds. Now you have to understand that Glen weighs about 55 pounds. Sounds like an unfair fight, right? Not so fast, my friend. Put the catfish in his element, put Glen on a steep bank covered with slick pinestraw, and put an 11-foot fiberglass pole between them. Now you have all of the ingredients that are necessary for about 5 minutes of intensely entertaining action.

Glen was holding on to that pole with all of his might while trying to keep his footing. The catfish was doing his best tractor pull imitation while I am trying to get to Glen to keep him from getting pulled in. Clay was whooping it up because the catfish had given a spectacular jump out of the water. I hollered for him to grab the net, but the one he brought had a big hole in it. So he went to find another one. By this time Glen was starting to work his way backward up the bank slowly but surely bringing that catfish closer to shore. Clay finally found a net that didn’t have a hole in it, but it was hardly big enough to hold the fish. I decided to use it anyway and succeeded in flipping the fish up on the bank. As soon as we did, the hook fell out of the fish’s mouth. We put him in the bucket and then sat down to get our breath.

Clay had his line (and his heart) broken by another big catfish a few minutes later, so in the picture we took, I let him hold a nice largemouth bass that I caught.

We sure had a good time. For some reason, whenever we go out hunting or fishing, it manages to turn into a big adventure. There is never a dull moment with these two boys!

11 responses to “Big Fish Story

  1. That’s hilarious. Would have loved to have seen it. Tell the boys their Unc is proud of ’em.

  2. Gordon,
    That is pretty neat. The boys will always remember that adventure and their dad being with them.

  3. sounds like a blast! Don’t you sometime wish you had a video camera hidden to watch it all happen? The boys will always remember…(and tell it differently in the future…lol)

  4. sounds like you had a good time there! reminds me of the time dad and I went fishing, i was 9 or 10, and we had to climb down a steep bank, we had caught a lot, and was going home, well that steep bank we had to go down, we had to go up, i went first, and he was going to hand me the stuff,so he could get up, so just as I looked over the bank to get the line of fish, he thow them up 🙂
    can ya guess what happen next? 🙂
    it was a good day!
    take care

  5. Cameron–the boys said thanks.

    TA–that is certainly what I am hoping for.

    JG–what do you mean “future”? That fish is already getting bigger as they tell it. lol

    Janice–I can imagine. Great stories come from great times don’t they?

  6. What a story! Makes a Grandpa(Bimbi) proud.

  7. Precious memories…how they linger!

    Great post, Gordon!

  8. That’s a great story. Nothing like time with the family, and big fish don’t hurt either.


  9. Great fish story. I always remember my fishing stories. As soon as I got a bite I never use to wind but run with the fishing rod then come back to look at the fish.

  10. Great story…and the pictures will help to keep the fish in perspective…LOL

    It’s times like these that you will cherish as the boys get older and interested in girls instead of good ole’ dad!

  11. Congrats. That’s an awesome catch. Sounds like a blast.

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