Bringing It All Together

This week we have been looking at the concept of “Christian Americanism”. I must say that the ideas I have put forth are things that I have only in the last few years begun to understand. It took me some time to wrap my mind around some of them because for a while I felt that I would be unpatriotic if I did so. The fact is, I love my country. As several comments have mentioned, we have a rich and blessed heritage in this nation.

I would like to conclude this series with a post on how are we to show the balance of which I have spoken. Should we totally abandon any patriotic emotions that we have? Should we not sing patriotic songs in church? Should we adopt the attitude that just because we are citizens of heaven that we should not have any feelings for our country? The answer to all of these questions is “NO!”

When a Christian American is made aware through the study of history of just how God has had His hand upon the course of this nation’s affairs, one cannot help but love America. I do not think that it is inappropriate incorporate patriotic displays into worship services. And if anything, because I am a citizen of Heaven, I have a great burden for America to know the God of the Bible.

Let me share where I feel the imbalance comes from and where the balance should be. As I said, America is a blessed nation in both liberty and prosperity. In my last post I outlined the conflict that sometimes arises between our rights as Americans and our responsibilities as Christians. When it comes to prosperity, could it be that we (even many of God’s people) worship the blessings of God more than the God of the blessings? Just like the church of Laodicea, we are rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing (materially), but we are blind and naked spiritually.

The balance should come from realizing that the blessings of God are a trust, and that we are to use them as resources for the advancement of His kingdom. I believe with all my heart that God has raised up America for the reason of being a lighthouse of the Gospel. That light is quickly being dimmed under the bushel of materialistic apathy.

As God’s people, let us be burdened, not with the temporal wealth of this world, but with the spiritual nakedness of those countrymen of ours who are on their way to Hell. Let us realize that our patriotism does not make us great Christians, but that our faith should make us to be great Americans.

This is what made America great in the beginning. Could it not be so again?

10 responses to “Bringing It All Together

  1. Good series Gordon. Faith in Jesus certainly prospers a nation.

  2. Great post,

    food for thought


    take care, have a great day 🙂

    God bless

  3. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.
    A-Men Gordan.

  4. Gordon, thanks so much for these posts. I have read some posts that so dislike any patriotism being shown in church. I really believe that you have brought a good balance to it all.

  5. I agree with Beverly. I think you’ve done a great job of evaluating the situation with a very reasonable approach and without bias.

  6. Thanks for the comments. I wasn’t really sure how this series would be received, but I felt like these things needed to be said.

  7. Great Post. You are definitely thought provoking! You’ve got a good handle on the situation!

  8. Hi Gordon

    Great Thought:
    (And if anything, because I am a citizen of Heaven, I have a great burden for America to know the God of the Bible.)



  9. Hey Gordon. I’m a first-timer at your site.

    I think I have a different take on this whole issue.

    Without taking up too much space here, let me just say that I think being an American should also be a choice.

    OW!!! Quit it!!! Stop throwing stuff and me and let me explain…

    First of all, I would choose to be an American over any other nationality. And yes I mean “nationality.” I think we have been a country long enough to have earned the right to say we are our own nationality. The proverbial “Melting Pot” worked for the American inception. But by this time…being American is a nationality in the same way being Italian, or Japanese is.

    We who are born into this country are Americans. And simply because of that birth we are told that we must pledge allegiance to this country. We are not given a choice. We are simply told to do it.

    Now, I ask you, “If someone does not want to give allegiance to this country, why should they enjoy the name “American”?

    I submit to you that we would have a much more stable country if those who would like to benefit from the perks of being American must, in order to enjoy those perks, first make a pledge to this country.

    There are many biblical principles involved here that I would like to go over. But I’ll save that for my own site rather than take up all your space. (You can check with some of the other bloggers I visit…I do tend to go on a bit.) 🙂

  10. Hi Danny, welcome to the discussion.

    Let me say that I agree with what you have written. I am thankful to be an American with all that being so entails. As a nation, I do indeed consider it to be a privilege to belong here.

    The point of my series here is that we should not let our American pride overshadow our devotion to God. I will repeat what I said in this post. “Being an American does not make me a better Christian. Being a Christian should make me a better American.”

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Please come back any time.

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