A Prayer Request

We are in exciting times at Pine Park Baptist Church. For the last two years we have been in a building program for a completely new facility. God has been blessing our church with growth and we desperately need the added space and upgraded facilities. An additional blessing is that we will be debt-free when we move in.

We are nearing the end of the project and hope to be in the new building within a month. The feelings of anticipation are running higher than a six-year-old on Christmas Eve.

Here is my prayer request. Throughout this project, God has blessed us with an incredible spirit of unity. While we have had some varying opinions (a healthy thing) on different aspects of the project, the church has been unified in its purpose for this building. As we near the completion, please pray that we will stay focused upon Christ. We realize that this building is only a means to an end. The real church is people and we must not forsake our passion for God’s kingdom work because of material things.

This whole process has been a time of spiritual growth for our people (including their pastor). I will post more soon on how God has worked during this time. I pray that this building will not cause us to become complacent, but will only stoke the fires of our desire to reach our community for Christ.

Thank you for your prayers.


12 responses to “A Prayer Request

  1. Will do! Gordon

    have a good day

  2. At my last church, we built an entirely new plant. Shortly after we moved in, someone made a motion from the floor of a business meeting that the youth, when playing games in the fellowship hall, be required to remove their shoes. God forgive us!

    I will pray that your people will remember that the building is not the church, it is a tool the church can use to more effectively be the church.

    Just don’t scuff the floor…;-)

  3. May God bless you with His glory, increase your area of ministry with power, put His hand upon you, and keep you from all evil.
    That is great I will be remembering you and the church in prayer.

  4. His Church is a living, breathing woman, His partner in eternity and buildings are mere tools in Her hands. Let Christ always be Her vision and goal! I pray for the Woman of God who lives at Pine Park.

  5. dear Father, i lift up gordon, his desire to serve You and minister to his community, as well as the church and their willingness to come together for one purpose – to glorify You. please keep this project intact, keep these members unified, with one voice as this project comes to a close. please keep their focus on the ultimate goal and protect them from satan’s evil plots of selfishness and wanting things their way. in Your Name i pray all these things, amen!

  6. Hi Gordon,

    Glad to hear about the blessings evident at your church. I’ll pray πŸ™‚


  7. You have my prayers too.

    May God bless your church and the ministry.

    God bless.

    ps. Thank you for stopping by to my blog.

  8. Thanks all for your visits and prayers. We had a worknight at the church tonight and had a tremendous turnout. We really got a lot done.

    Thanks again.

  9. I pray that the Lord expands your territory mightily. You and your ministry are truly blessed!

  10. I bet the fellowship at the worknight was a blessing πŸ™‚

  11. Thanks Bonnie.

    Jodie, it really was incredible. We had everyone from small children to some of our oldest members. Everybody pitched in and did their part for the glory of God.

  12. hello. I was really blessed to find Christian bloggers on the net. and in fact, those I have met were mostly ministers of God. What a blessing and priviledge when I just started out blogging for a month! May God be with you in your ministry.
    P.S. Thank you for encouraging me with your comment in my blog.

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