God is Light

This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. I John 1:5

God is light. This is one of the most revealing statements about God in all the Bible. It goes beyond saying what God does and focuses upon what He is.

It is interesting to think that the very first thing God created was light. He spoke and the stamp of His glory was indelibly placed upon the cosmos. His word is an extension of His nature. The more we immerse ourselves in His word, the more light we will have in our lives.

When we think about the physical qualities of light, we can see some wonderful parallels with the nature of God. The first of these is that light is unchanging in its nature. In its fundamental nature, it cannot be altered. God also is unchanging.

Light can neither be defiled nor contaminated. As light shines through transparent objects, the only effect they may have on light is to limit its brightness by their own defilement or opaqueness, but they cannot contaminate the essence of the light. As believers, we are to let God shine through our lives. The only things that hinder that light are either contamination of sin in our life which dims the light, or unbelief that blocks it altogether. The more transparent (clean) we are, the more of God’s light will be seen through us.

Light is only visible when it interacts with matter. As light touches various objects, their pigmentation causes us to see the effects of the light. While we cannot see God in His spirit nature, we can certainly see why John described Jesus as the Light. Through the Word of God, we can see the results of God interacting with man. With John, we can say, “We beheld His glory.”

Light can be experienced through three qualities:

  1. Luminiferous–Seen but not felt
  2. Calorific–Felt but not seen
  3. Actinic–Felt and seen

We can see how this compares with each member of the Godhead:

  1. God the Father–Seen but not felt
  2. God the Spirit–Felt but not seen
  3. God the Son–Felt and seen

Colossians 2:9 tells us that God has invested the fullness of the Godhead in the person of Jesus Christ. For those who might have doubted the divinity of Christ, John is saying, “Jesus is the light of God. He is real, I have both felt and seen Him. Believe!”

Not only is God light, but there is no darkness in Him at all. This darkness refers to moral or spiritual darkness. God is completely light. He is holy perfection. There is no capacity for moral corruption in God. This means that Jesus could not have sinned. Because God is sinless, everything He does is just.

Have you experienced God’s light?


8 responses to “God is Light

  1. very good post Gordon,

    and yes I have,
    when I keep my eyes on him, but when I let my guard down, and let sin dim the light, the light is dim

  2. Gordon, I enjoyed hearing your thoughts. Keep up the good work.

  3. That was very interesting. I knew God is Light, but I never knew about those different aspects of experiencing light. cool.

  4. So many blogs, so little time. Thank you for making it easier what to choose each day.

  5. Janice–I think you are getting the gist of my post.

    A5–thanks for stopping by. Cool bike, BTW.

    Daniel–hope that puppy is working out well for you.

    Kristi–I enjoyed learning about it as well.

    Tom–thanks for your comment.

  6. Since God is unchanging and He is light then did God really create light (Wouldn’t He have to create Himself then?) or did He simply step into a reality He created?

    When God said, “Let there be light” could it have been “Let there be Me!” as in “Here I AM!”?

    If I ever get back on the series of post I was working on Genesis 1:1-3 would be were I pick up.

  7. Michael–That would mean that light is God and thus would lead to idolatry.

    God was not created, He is infinite. The creation of light is simply the expression of His nature.

    Be careful not to eisegete this theory into the text.

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