Pray For the Troops

We need to pray for our troops.

Those in Afghanistan have had a very challenging task of finding a man who is more slippery than an eel. Trying to find Osama bin Laden has been an endeavor that is requiring a lot of patience and commitment. I have faith that our guys will win, but I am sure they would appreciate our prayers.

Our troops in Iraq are facing a much more dangerous situation. Some say civil war is on the verge of breaking out, some say it isn’t. I am not going to enter that debate here. My concern is that our troops are now getting caught in some sort of cross-fire that just makes an already difficult job, that much harder. Again, I believe in the abilities of our troops, but they need our prayers.

Beyond the obvious factor of safety, we need to pray for this conflict to end in the right way. I am not sure I know what that is, but I know Who does. The reason I think we need to pray for this is that this war will have a profound impact on defining how we approach the next one.

No, I am not advocating that we jump from the frying pan into the fire. But, there will be future conflicts. There are still those in this world who would threaten the liberties of others, including our own. They must be stopped and sometimes that requires force. The way we come out of this war may indeed determine how we go into the next one.

So let us remember that beyond all the debate, presidential approval ratings, talking heads on news channels and editorials, there are the soldiers. Our sons and daughters, neighbors and friends are in harms way, doing what they signed up to do. If necessary, they will be called upon to do it again someday. They will do their duty, because that’s the way they are. They are Americans and we are proud of them. They need to know that we support them, and the best way to do that is prayer.


7 responses to “Pray For the Troops

  1. Father… bless those who put themselves in harm’s way to bring water to the thirsty, peace to the troubled, balm for the hurt. Protect these men and women, especially those who do this in Your name. May the people they encounter see you reflected in the light of their eyes. Keep them safe Lord…


  2. I say Amen to that, Lord please watch over the sons and daughters that are over seas,
    thank you Lord!

  3. Along with these prayers, we need to keep our troops’ mental and psychological well-being in our prayers. My friend that just came home from 2 years in Iraq is suffering much psychologically. Others have completely lost their sanity. They showed me just a few pictures, and I quickly had to tell them not to show any more, because I got sick to my stomach. It’s nasty over there.

  4. My cousin just arrived in Iraq, and a friend’s second cousin was just killed in Bahgdad in Dec. He was only 18 or 19.

    Many of these young men will have horrific memories to deal with when they return home. Talk about a ministry to the vets.

    God bless,

  5. Kristi and Jim, it is an awful fact of war that it doesn’t end for the soldier when peace happens.

    These folks need all the prayer and support we can give them. Hopefully we will learn from our history and not repeat the mistakes that were made when our soldiers came home from Viet Nam.

  6. Here is a link to the adopt a soldier/troop from the presidential prayer team:

    Thank you for a wonderful/thoughtful post.

  7. Pray for those who have returned from the front lines … these soldiers have many emotional/physcological issues steming from their time in Iraq. Their leaders are often insensitive to their painful issues.–>

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