Quail Hunting With the Veep

As if the President didn’t have enough on his plate, now his Vice President is shooting other Texans.

I’m sure the whole world is aware by now that Vice President, Dick Cheney, accidentally shot his hunting buddy, Austin, TX, attorney, Harry Whittington while quail hunting near Corpus Christi this weekend.

Now we all know that Dick is a no-nonsense type of guy. I’m sure he didn’t mean to shoot the guy, but you can bet that the humor-mills of the country already have the wheels in motion to come up with a bunch of jokes on this one. It’s just too good to pass up.

Actually, I can identify with Mr. Whittington. You see, I too, was accidentally shot on a quail hunt when just a teenager. I can tell you that it’s not much fun, but as you can see, I survived. In fact, the limp is almost gone now.

I won’t say who the shooter was, but he was very closely related to me. I held it over his head for many years until he got old enough (and big enough) that I couldn’t use it for leverage any more. I finally forgave him, but he better not EVER do it again, or I WILL tell Mama and Daddy this time.

P.S. Marc, over at Purgatorio, is taking up a collection to send Pat Robertson on a quail hunt with Dick Cheney. I don’t think the gift is tax-deductible though.


21 responses to “Quail Hunting With the Veep

  1. Good to hear you are getting over the limp. At least the upcoming cartoons won’t cause world wide riots. Cartooning was beginning to be quite a risky business to be in.

  2. No kidding! The great irony in the whole cartoon flap is that Kanye West appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine mocking the Passion of the Christ, and you hardly hear a word about that.

  3. We have something in common. I too was shot accidentally. Lucky for me, it never caused a limp even though I caught my led in the tookass. Great fun to laugh about now.

  4. Ha ha. Yes, I already heard numerous jokes about this on my way to work this morning.

    Poor Bush, he never gets a break, does he?

  5. Yes, I have heard the comedy on this already today.

    My brothers shot me with a bee-bee gun when I was a little girl. Does that count?

  6. You’d better watch it or next time I’ll aim higher!

    Seriously, if that’s what he does to his friends and supporters, I’d hate to see what would have happened goose hunting with John Kerry.

  7. Also, fyi…one pellet in the leg hardly rates a “limp”.

    BTW…how’s the pain compare to your current condition? Something like Greenville ’88?

  8. Yeah, I was just waiting for the jokes…

  9. “The great irony in the whole cartoon flap is that Kanye West appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine mocking the Passion of the Christ, and you hardly hear a word about that”

    That’s something to think about.

    Great post on the Cheney shooting. VERY funny!

  10. Curmudgeon–the laughter hides the pain.

    Kristi–Bush will probably get blamed for this somehow.

    Rose–Shame on your brothers.

    Cameron–Are you referring to the whole year or an isolated incident?

    Faith–Glad you stopped by.

    Kelly–I hope all is well in Grady County, Oklahoma.

  11. That’s hilarous, but you got to feel for Cheney’s hunting buddy though. I’m sure that’s extremely painful.

  12. Hey Gordon,

    You know, when I first heard about this, I thought maybe he was hunting for Dan Quayle!!!

    Maybe he thought that there can only be one VP for a President Bush and he was jealous???? Then he accidentally shot the wrong guy.

    I hear the guy’s in stable condition so we can laugh about it now.

  13. So how do we donate to the Pat Robertson hunting trip?

  14. Gordon,
    I really appreciate your humor. Of course, it is good humor because the friend is going to be okay.
    Thanks for your comments on FIRE AND HAMMER blog.

  15. That is hilarious. I have a sister that ‘hurt’ me on accident…well, I said it was her fault but it really wasn’t…I blamed her for a long time. Don’t worry, she knows she is forgiven! It had to do with a bike and loss of teeth…no bullet wounds. 😉 Oh, I’ll be putting you on our Fellow Seekers links soon!

  16. Yes, I am glad that Mr. Whittington is going to be okay. Is it bad luck to shoot a lawyer?

    Theden–You could be onto something, there. Perhaps the anti-Quayle conspiracy lives?

    David–You can donate at Purgatorio. Or you can just make the check out to me. 😉

    T.A. & M.C.–Thanks, I’ve been enjoying your blogs.

  17. OM gosh! I almost chocked on my soup at the Pat Robertson comment! How hysterical! Poor Pat, I sure do wish he would just stick to 700 clubbing and be quiet otherwise…he’s giving us all a bad name! LOL
    ps glad you’ve recovered from your own hunting prediciament

  18. You have got to watch out for that holy ghost machine gun?

  19. JG–Glad you didn’t choke on your soup!

    Shawn–I’ll bet Mr. Whittington was glad that Dick didn’t have THAT weapon.

  20. tag, you’re it! visit my blog for details!

  21. I saw you over at curm’s so thought I’d drop by. Thanks for the laugh. It reminded me of a dear friend who got rump shot. lol

    Hi curm.

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