I’ve Been Tagged

No Average Girl has tagged me. Since she is a fellow Georgian, I will do this for her. Here goes, if you need a snack or anything, now might be a good time.

10 Years Ago
Living in Florida
Teaching school
Awaiting the arrival of my oldest son
Refereeing high school football
Minister of music

5 Years Ago
Beginning my tenure as pastor of Pine Park Baptist Church
One of the most significant years of my life
Growing an awesome garden
Had a great vacation in Chattanooga, TN
Getting a lot of fishing done

1 Year Ago
In the middle of a building program at my church
Coaching my youngest son’s baseball team
Participated in short term mission trip
Began teaching at the Southwest Georgia Baptist Bible Institute (no we don’t have monogrammed sweaters)
Took my wife and kids to their first major league baseball game (the Braves of course)

Went to church
Preached twice
Ate Chinese food for lunch
Slept through the Daytona qualifying
Caught a cold

5 Songs I know all the words to
Blessed Assurance
All Hail the Power
At the Cross
In the Garden
It Is Well With My Soul

5 Things I would do with a million dollars
Tithe and offering
Pay some bills
Save for sons college
Take my wife out to eat

5 Places I’d run away to
Smoky Mountains
My Grandmother’s farm
New England in the fall
Canadian Rocky Mountains
Torino, Italy (the Olympic scenery has blown me away)

5 Things I’d never wear
A dress
A pink tuxedo
An earring
A mullet
Anything with U. of FL Gators logo on it

5 Favorite toys
My guns
My fishing rods
My golf clubs
My computer
Power tools

5 Favorite books or TV shows
(This is besides the books listed in my profile)
Treasure Island
Anything by John Grisham
Experiencing God
Criminal Minds

5 Greatest Joys
Serving God
My family
My friends
Good food

I’m supposed to tag five other people. If you are one of the first five to read this, consider yourself tagged.


15 responses to “I’ve Been Tagged

  1. Five greatest joys; preaching and teaching.

    Well keep it up it’s a joy to us too.


  2. Thanks, Doug. You are very kind.

  3. Sorry goron…I don’t do tags…I’ve got several funny posts about that…Last one was sometime in January…LOL

    Just two questions…pay SOME bills…~gulp~..how many ya’ got?

    And..I think if you wish to remain happily married, your wife better get more than dinner out of the deal…LOL

  4. Hi Bonnie, to answer your questions, I have more bills than I want. And I would probably let my wife go shopping after dinner.

  5. I enjoyed reading this post…Thank you.


  6. what wonderful and exciting things, in just 10 years. thanks for sharing and letting us get to know you a little better.

    well, as far as taking your wife out to dinner…even tho you haven’t received your million yet, valentines day would be a wonderful time to take her out and treat her special. ok! you don’t have to let her go shopping afterward but…..lol

    have a wonderful and blessed day!

  7. Looks like I didn’t make the top 5..whew! LOL It seems the sisters in your reading audience are in agreement…”Take your wife out to dinner, whether or not you have that million dollars!”

  8. hey, thanks for playing along! where exactly did you vacation in chattanooga, tn? i do agree, the smoky mountains are such a peaceful place to be – especially when the waters of life seem to be a little rough!

  9. Thanks all for your comments. I will definitely take Amy out to eat.

    When we went to Chattanooga, we had a great time at the aquarium, discovery center, Rock City, Chickamauga battlefield and several other places.

  10. Lost is the only show I watch.

  11. Oops, I spelled your name wrong Gordon…that’s what I get for not spellchecking…You’re digging yourself in deeper….PROBABLY LET… her go shopping!!! Yikes…I hope you have a fun Valentines!

  12. Julianne–glad you stopped by.

    Bonnie–it would depend on how much supper cost.

  13. One of the nice things about tags is you have an opportunity to learn a bit about a person – things you might never ask, or would never come up in a post.

    I like the blog Gordon – I will be back (Lord willing). ;-D

  14. Daniel, thanks for stopping by. I’ve been enjoying your blog as well. You are quite a thinker!

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