The Importance of Being a Christian Nation

Since 9/11 we have heard over and over again that Islam is a “peaceful” religion. The terrorists who hijacked the airplanes were “fundamentalists” who represented only a small minority of the hundreds of millions Muslims around the world. Muslim clerics in America scrambled quickly to distance themselves from the radicals of the Middle East.


In the past few days I have watched in disbelief as Muslims have protested throughout the Middle East, even burning Danish embassies, because of a cartoon. A CARTOON!

A thought came to me. “Could perhaps the Christian influence in America be the only thing that is preventing this kind of display here?” The nations where this rioting is taking place are Islamic nations. They lack the spiritual influence and ethics that America has been blessed with since our birth. Things such as burning an embassy, an American flag or an automobile are commonplace.

I realize that morals are declining in our nation. I realize that the majority of people in our nation are no longer worshippers of God. This saddens and alarms me. Are we losing the only thing that is preventing us from becoming another Syria, Lebanon or Iran?

President Bush has an agenda of democracy in the Middle East. That is a noble endeavor but it will never bring peace to the region. The only peace will be found in the Gospel of Peace.

It is imperative that we spread that gospel here at home. Christians have the only weapon that is truly capable of holding the Muslim onslaught at bay. I am convinced that the best way to preserve America from what we are seeing in the Middle East is to witness to our neighbors, our friends and co-workers, our classmates and particularly “the strangers in our gates”. We need the majority, no, not a moral majority, but a righteous majority. This can only be accomplished through evangelism.

It has been said that the light that shines the longest distance shines the brightest at home. If we are to be effective around the world, let us shine the light of the gospel on our own nation. We have many wonderful missionaries around the world who are laboring diligently and faithfully in God’s Kingdom. The problem I see is that too many American Christians feel that if they support these missionaries financially then they have done their part. Let’s wake up, church! Our nation is being overcome with spiritual darkness.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.
Matthew 5:16


7 responses to “The Importance of Being a Christian Nation

  1. So true, Gordon. A great site dedicated to the winning of Muslims and the defending of our faith is

    Dr. Caner is one of the world’s foremost authorities on this topic, as he is a converted Muslim. His site has some wonderful resources on it.

  2. I don’t have cable Gordon, so I can’t really follow a lot of this stuff, but I really like your post. I think you are right on, the light needs to be shone to those countries. I feel blessed to live in the United States.
    May God Bless You-

  3. Tony, I am certainly familiar with Dr. Caner. He preached probably the greatest message I have ever heard about 3 years ago in Woodstock, GA.

    Sheena, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Good thoughts. More evidence that the real “battle for hearts and minds” needs to be waged in our own country. Only the Gospel can bring the change necessary.

  5. As noble as Bush has been with attempting to place a democracy in the Middle East, how is he compromising behind closed doors against Israel? If the Palestinian state is so important, why do not other Arab states with much more land offer to take them in and help them prosper. They are there for an irritant to Israel. Arabs may say with their mouth that they recognize but all their literature proves their hearts intent to the contrary. Yes, only Christ will usher in peace in that region.

  6. All your thoughts are spot on Gordon it makes absolute perfect sence to me. One thing I notice is if you tell someone who is without Jesus this just wait as they look at you funny and think that what you saying is so simplistic and could never work. The truth often gets this response.

  7. I agree that it is Christ inside of His people that carries us as a nation. A little of Him in His people, goes a long way and perhaps even protects our country in ways we do not understand simply because He is here, living in some of us. Although not multiple millions strong but certainly more than other nations. That along with the foundations our nation was built upon has protected us for a long time. How much longer?? Only He knows…God help us to turn to Him and to encourage all we know to do so…but as you must surely know.. great trouble causes us to turn to Him like no other master can as 9/11 testifies. God be merciful to us!

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