McNabb Should Lighten Up

Donovan McNabb, quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, finally responded to negative comments from estranged (and strange) teammate, Terrell Owens. Earlier this season, Owens made the comment that were Brett Favre leading the Eagles, they would probably be undefeated.

McNabb responded by accusing T.O. of racism. He called the comment about Favre a “black on black crime”. He listed a number of quarterbacks (all black), that Owens could have named that would not have been offensive to him. But because Owens named a white quarterback, he sees it as a racist remark. Never mind that Brett Favre is one of the greatest ever to play the game (yes, I am a fan), it just offended him to think of a punk daring to rate a white player ahead of him.

I am not a racist. I enjoy watching Donovan McNabb play the game. He is talented and exciting. I can understand his sensitivity to some racist remarks after the Rush Limbaugh flap. But this is over-reacting at it’s worst. Has he failed to notice that T.O. is African-American as well? Do you really think that the most self-centered person in the entire NFL is going to make negative comments about his own race? Get real.

Donovan is already distinguishing himself in a fine career. He has led his team to the Superbowl. Peyton Manning, arguably the best quarterback in the league, has yet to do that. McNabb has proven that he is willing to play with a team. He has shown dignity and class throughout this entire episode until now.

I seriously doubt that Donovan reads my blog. But just in case he stops by, this message is for him. Donovan, you are a great player. You are a greater asset to your team and a better man than Terrell Owens. Don’t lower yourself to his level. The best way to prove him wrong, is to come back next year and show what your team can do without him. Seriously, lighten up.


One response to “McNabb Should Lighten Up

  1. That’s crazy. I can’t believe that McNabb would accuse T.O. of racism. That’s just silly.

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