Loving God–Part 2

As we continue studying the Great Commandment, let us look at loving God with all of our soul. Our text, Mark 12:30, (look it up at the bottom of the page) gives us four distinct dimensions in which we are to love God to our fullest ability. The second of these is the soul; the immortal part of man’s trichotomy.

How does one love God with all of their soul? I will share three thoughts that I have had on this, perhaps those who read this may offer further insight.

1. We Must Receive God’s Salvation
Loving God involves worship. In fact, worship is at the very heart of our relationship with God. The fact is, only a born-again believer can truly worship God. An unbeliever may be able to praise God, (even inanimate objects can testify to the glory of God), but they are “dead in trespasses and sins”, Ephesians 2:1, and lack the connection with God by which to truly worship Him. Perhaps at another time we can discuss worship in greater depth.

One cannot love God with all of their soul if they are not in a relatioship with Him. It is with the soul that our connection with God is made. This is not to say that God cannot and does not touch every part of our life, indeed He does, but the soul is made alive to God through salvation.

2. We Must Recognize God’s Sovereignty
To truly worship God, we must be willing to submit ourselves entirely to Him. Let me say that our willingness to recognize and submit to God’s sovereignty has no effect upon the reality of it, but it has much effect on us. One might ask by what right is God sovereign? First, by His very nature, He is God alone. Second, by right of Creation He holds ownership over all men. Third, by right of redemption He is the Lord of all saints.

In recognizing God’s right of supremacy in our life, we subjugate our will to His. In this we yield control of our life to Him. Part of this process involves the mind which we will discuss this more in the next installment of this topic.

3. We Must Realize God’s Sufficiency
Loving God with all of our soul requires that we yield our right to look out for ourselves. This plays a major role in obeying the royal law of loving our neighbor as ourself. To worship God with all of our soul, we must be willing to accept the reality that God is involved in the details of our lives. If we are submitted to God’s sovereignty, we need to understand that whatever happens in our lives is “God-filtered”. (See my post entitled Embracing Weakness) Whatever God allows to happen to me is for my good and His glory, Romans 8:28,29. But whatever may happen, His grace is more than sufficient to meet our need.

God’s sufficiency is one way He receives glory through us. If His desire is to glorify Himself in His children, He certainly will not leave us hanging in our time of need. When adverse circumstances are present in our lives, our worship of God will be tested. In those times we must be willing to completely rely on God’s ability to care for us.

Loving God with our soul enhances the outward dimensions of flesh and spirit. The more that we love God, the more that love will be seen in all we say and do.

I hope that this post will inspire you to greater worship and devotion of God.


8 responses to “Loving God–Part 2

  1. This was a challenging read.

    “but the soul is made alive to God through salvation.”

    I enjoy that you started off with the crucial point and then went way beyond this into the life of a christian.

    “But whatever may happen, His grace is more than sufficient to meet our need.”

    This is not easy. However as christians that is what we are saying: Our life is His, He bought it so whatever our lot then this will suffice. After all He has got me this far and He will take me home.

    Loving God is our Joy and inspiration may we continue to abide in His love as He abode in the Fathers Love.

    Again Great Post.

  2. Gordon,
    Good blog, by the way. I am currently preaching on God’s love displayed in the cross of Christ. I have dealt with Christ displaying His love for the Father by way of His perfect obedience to the Father, even to the point of death. As I contemplate your inspiring message, I am reminded that, though I am *unable* to love God with all my soul, for I fail to be perfectly obedient to the Father. But because of the cross of Christ, I have union with Him, thus Christ as my representative, I share in His love with the Father. My righteous is like filthy rags; my love, apart from Christ that is, is tainted. But clothed in Christ’s righteousness, I am seen by my Father to have His Son’s love, thus the Father looks at me as fulfilling the law, not because of anything I have done, but because He sees what His Son has done as His Son covers me.
    You are posting a great series, and thank you for visiting my blog!

  3. Thank Gordon. Good one.

  4. Puritan, thanks for your comments. I love your thoughts.

    Pastor Kevin, you have a good point. Man’s ability to love certainly is flawed by sin. I like to think that the more we submit ourselves to God, the more He enables us to love Him more perfectly.

    Shawn, glad to have you here, brother.

  5. Great post!

    “More love to thee O Christ,
    More love to thee.”


  6. Gordon,
    Yes indeed. Praise God for progressive sanctification!

  7. Gordon,

    I like what you’re writing. Very good stuff. I just started writing myself and focused all of last week on loving God.

    Keep posting good stuff.


  8. Thanks all for the visits and comments.

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