“Book of Daniel” Gets Axed

NBC executives have decided to cancel the ill-advised “Book of Daniel”. I don’t think it is because they are suddenly developing values, but because the sponsors pulled the purse strings.

Do you know what this means? Christians stood up and made themselves heard. We can still have an impact on our culture. Let’s not rest on our laurels now.

3 responses to ““Book of Daniel” Gets Axed

  1. What I found hilarious was the producer saying, “We didn’t intend to offend Christians…” Uh, yeah, ok.

  2. that’s wonderful news! and on that quote, wisdom, i haven’t heard that one in a llllloooonnnngggg time! nice try, mr. producer! haha

  3. It is good that Christians have stood up, and that the “pursestrings” pulled away.
    The commercials of “The Book of Daniel” looked bad enough without having to watch a whole episode.

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