How Does Your Heart Burn?

Want to get a case of heartburn that Rolaids can’t cure? I’m not talking about the kind that keeps you up all night after eating pizza and potato chips while watching a college football bowl game (speaking from recent personal experience). I am referring to the kind of burn that the disciples on the road to Emmaus experienced in Luke 24.

This is the kind of heartburn that comes only from time spent with Jesus. It is enlightening, inspiring and motivating. The words of Christ ignite a passion within us that leaves us with a craving for more of His fellowship.

The words of Christ are almost a forgotten commodity in Christian circles. His doctrine has taken a back seat to pop psychology and a watered-down theology that is based upon experience rather than the truth that is in the Word of God. This is producing a a generation of believers that is being drawn by the latest marketable fad rather than being driven by a passion for the divine. Church members can spout quotes from all of the latest best-sellers, yet are ignorant of the scriptures.

In no way do I wish to demean Christian publishing. It is a wonderful blessing to have so many Christian resources at our disposal. These resources, however, can only teach us to apply biblical principles, they can never replace them.

Do you want a heart that burns with divine passion? Gorge yourself on the words of Jesus. (And lay off the late-night pizza!)


One response to “How Does Your Heart Burn?

  1. Well said. Peter himself said regarding his experience on the mount of Transfiguration with Jesus, “We have a more sure word of testimony…” (II Peter 1). If the closest disciples of Christ trusted the written Word of God so much, shall we do any less?–>

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